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Brand Profile: Piedmontese Passion

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The Family Behind Beni di Batasiolo Charts a Mission to Produce the Best Wines Possible.

For centuries, the Dogliani name has been synonymous with the distinctive wines of Piedmont. Not only is it the moniker of the picturesque town that has long been famous for wines produced from Dolcetto and Dolcetto di Dogliani, but also for the surname of one of Piedmont’s foremost producers of Barolo. Fiorenzo Dogliani today leads the Dogliani family enterprise, Batasiolo SPA, as CEO of the family’s Beni di Batasiolo winery.

Italian Ambassador
Though the Dogliani family had been established winegrowers in the Langhe region since 1882, the genesis of Batasiolo began in the early 1950s when the Doglianis bought 156 acres in Piedmont. The youngest of 10 siblings, Fiorenzo immersed himself in the family business, initially becoming skillful in the production end, learning everything there is to know about winegrowing and winemaking.

As a young man, Fiorenzo made a bold move and hit the streets of Milan with his wine in hand, courting the city’s restaurateurs until he established a solid presence among the Milanese food and wine community. It was this enterprising maneuver that led to the foundation of Batasiolo’s domestic market—and foreshadowed Fiorenzo’s role as a future evangelist for the Piedmont region on the world market.

Enlivened by the same fire that led him to Milan, Fiorenzo began travelling extensively to promote his wines and by 1974 began exporting to the most prominent Northern European markets, where today they still export 25% of their production. In 1978, the Dogliani family changed the name of their enterprise from Fratelli Dogliani to what is today internationally recognized: Beni di Batasiolo.

Coming to the Americas
By the 1990s, Beni di Batasiolo expanded its export portfolio to reach Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and 42 states in the U.S. with import rights through Marie Brizard. The wines are now imported by Boisset Family Estates into the U.S. Presently, Batasiolo has distribution in over 67 countries. Fiorenzo has become an ambassador of Italian wine culture, and though he and his wines reach an international community, his first and most passionate love remains in the heart of his native Piedmont. The next natural step seemed to be to find a way to help the world experience his home through his eyes, and he found this in the construction of Il Boscareto Hotel and Spa in Serralunga d’Alba. The hotel, like the Batasiolo wines, is luxurious and carefully crafted. In 2009, it received a 5-star luxury rating and today delivers the best of the heart of Piedmont to a host of international travelers.

Beni di Batasiolo’s wine portfolio is a thoughtful mix of traditional luxury and modernity. The 100% estate-owned production currently comes from nine vineyard sites that total 345 acres and span four growing regions in Piedmont: Barolo, La Morra, Monforte d’Alba and Serralunga d’Alba. These vineyards are planted 70% to Nebbiolo, while the other 30% is Dolcetto, Barbera and Moscato wines. These are used to produce a rich portfolio of 13 DOC and DOCG wines plus grappa. Fiorenzo also manages to beautifully express the unique terroir of Piedmont in four single-Vineyard Cru Barolos: Corda della Briccolina, Bofani, Cerequio and Boscareto.

“I was born in to wine. It has been my passion and my life’s work,” Fiorenzo confides. “There are jobs where you can make more money, but when you travel and see your wine in far-flung places, it’s really very satisfying.” Fiorenzo and the Dogliani family approach creation—the building of their family enterprise, the crafting of their wines, the engineering of Il Boscareto—with one superlative in mind: marca leone, which is another way to say “only the very best.”


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