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The Find: October 2011 Edition

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Camus—the last independent, family-owned Cognac house and fifth largest worldwide—has released a range of Certified Single Vintage Cognacs, featuring: 1964, 1970, 1971, 1974, 1980, 1988, 1989 and the exclusive Pionneau 1969 (fewer than 5,000 bottles, each signed to guarantee authenticity). Priced to retail from $280-$1,250, the vintage-dated 750mls diverge from the typical Cognac practice of multi-vintage offerings, and should appeal to eau-de-vie connoisseurs as well as gift-givers with birth years in mind. The absence of additives and chill-filtering allows each vintage to maintain distinct, natural character and aromas. Camus also produces an XO Borderies, and the Elegance range (VS, VSOP, XO). Currently sold in more than 140 countries and on-board 50 international airlines, CAMUS was successfully launched in the U.S. in 2010.



Know which state was the last to vote for the 18th Amendment, repealing Prohibition? Utah.In fact, the Utah delegation wanted to cast the final vote. “No other state shall take away this glory from Utah” proclaimed the leader of the state delegation back in December of 1933. High West Distillery, based in Park City, has commemorated that erstwhile badge of honor with The 36th Vote, a barreled Manhattan. High West chose the Manhattan because of its classic appeal, drawing on a pre-Prohibition recipe of two parts rye whiskey to one part sweet vermouth and two dashes of bitters. The 74-proof mixture was “married” in the rye’s American white oak barrels for 90 days to integrate the rye’s spiciness, the vermouth’s herbs and the bitters’ complexity. SRP: $49.99



Located in southeastern Europe where the Blue Danube River meets the Black Sea, Romanian vineyards share latitudes with such great wine regions as Bordeaux, Burgundy and Piedmont. Now, branded as “Select Wines of Europe—Romania’s Finest,” six wineries have banded together to enter the U.S. The group includes Cramele Recas, Halewood Romania, Senator, Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea, Murfatlar and Carl Reh-Crama Oprisor; together they have 15,000 acres under vine. Indigenous varietal wines such as Feteasca Neagra—known for its intense ruby color and strong personality—are available from each of the six, long with wines made from international varietals.



With the October release of a five-wine lineup, House Band Wines are aiming to rock the holiday season. Patrick Krutz of Krutz Family Cellars created the new label after his music-biz friends lamented that they couldn’t get good wines by-the-glass for their music venues. The House Band quintet includes two non-vintage blends (White+3 and Red+5, SRP $8.99), plus three $10.99 varietal wines: 2009 Chardonnay, 2009 Merlot and 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon. The bold packaging is designed to “pop,” even in dimly lit bars. The brand is leveraging technology and industry relationships in both wine and music to create a loyal community and fan base, partnering with musical artists and venues, co-promoting through online editorial content, and via strategic events and projects. The brand is also committing 2% of all sales to support regional music programs and charities.



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