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Brand Profile: Treasury Wine Estates’ Be.

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Designed by Millenial Women for Millenial Women.

With shelves packed full of new domestic wine brands and imports, it’s becoming harder and harder for consumers to differentiate among the crowd. Enter Be., created by Treasury Wine Estates. Be. is about breaking the mold and encouraging consumers to pair wine with their mood and personality. Designed by Millennial women for Millennial women, its straightforward approach to enjoying wine is set to earn it a place in women’s glasses.

Be. started with a kernel of an idea: Millennial women deserve a wine designed with their sensibilities in mind. That’s why Treasury Wine Estates first sought the input of Millennial women within the company to create the look, taste and image of Be., and conducted extensive research and sampling with this demographic.

Who are Millennial women? According to Nielsen, they are an emerging population of wine enthusiasts whose purchasing power is growing quickly, and are set to have an increasing impact on the consumer wine industry in the coming months and years. Research has shown that these women are looking for something new in their wine, something that grabs their attention, is approachable, and doesn’t stick to the traditional rules.

Be. is upfront and simple, but at the  same time gives a refreshing twist on four varietal wines growing in popularity, sourced from California vineyards spanning the North and Central Coasts, as well as the Northern Interior to ensure the finest quality. From there Treasury Wine Estates’ master winemakers refine their crop into: Be. Fresh Chardonnay, Be. Radiant Riesling, Be. Bright Pinot Grigio and Be. Flirty Pink Moscato.

The Be. Fresh Chardonnay is a light unoaked Chardonnay with crisp green apple flavors and zesty hints of citrus, while the full-bodied Be. Radiant Riesling offers tantalizing fruit flavors and bright floral notes. The Be. Bright Pinot Grigio is perfect for any occasion, offering rich citrus flavors and a crisp, fresh finish. Those feeling a bit mischievous will want to try the luscious Be. Flirty Pink Moscato, full of rich berry and delicate floral notes sealed with a kiss of pink. Each of the wines is designed to be served chilled.

Anything, But Boring

To stand out on the crowded store shelf, each Be. bottle was designed to look simple, modern and chic. The brand then conducted a scientific online survey of 1,200 women to provide feedback on the package. Over 91% said they are interested in tasting Be. based on the bottle and personality of the brand, and 83% found Be. to be unique.

While Be. wines are approachable and affordable ($9.99-$12.99), they are anything but boring. In fact, the brand is so important to Treasury Wine Estates that one of its top executives, Stephen Brauer, Managing Director for Beringer BBU, is personally involved in bringing it to market. “The launch of this brand is particularly important to us because the women behind its inception are among the most curious and influential in the industry right now. We want to make sure they feel inspired to explore and are rewarded with a small but exciting indulgence,” he says. “With that in mind, Be. is all about about inspiring Millennial women to open up to the exciting world of wine without taking it too seriously.”

So who is the “Be. girl”? “Be. doesn’t pull punches—it’s flirty, fresh, bright, and radiant,” says Brauer. “Those are the characteristics that are represented in the wine, and on the bottle, and those are the traits of someone who would enjoy Be.”

The straightforward approach of Be. wines makes them the perfect tipple for a crisp spring day, or a glass to cool off while outside soaking in the summer heat. They can be paired with simple, yet deeply flavorful meals like fresh, roasted fish or a sumptuous fruit salad. Above all, they are meant to be paired however you’d like —just be sure to enjoy.


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