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TTB Proposal Concerning The Identity of “Pisco” Brandy

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On March 27th, TTB published Notice No. 126 in the Federal Register. In addition to a technical correction that removes “Cognac” from the examples of geographical designations listed in the standards of identity at 27 CFR 5.22(k), the notice proposes to amend TTB’s standards of identity regulations for distilled spirits at 27 CFR 5.22(d) to include “Pisco” as a type of brandy that must be manufactured in accordance with the laws and regulations of either Peru or Chile. Any Pisco imported into the United States must be bottled at not less than 40 percent alcohol by volume in order to be labeled as Pisco Brandy. Depending on its method of manufacture, any product bottled at below 40 percent alcohol by volume could either be labeled as a “diluted Pisco” or as a distilled spirits specialty product bearing a statement of composition.

According to the United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement and the United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement respectively, the U.S. recognized “Pisco Peru” as a distinctive product of Peru and “Pisco Chileno” as a distinctive product of Chile. In exchange, these two nations recognized “Bourbon Whiskey” and “Tennessee Whiskey” as distinctive products of the United States.

Comments on this proposal are due on or before May 29th, 2012. You may view copies of this notice and any electronic or mailed comments we receive about it on the Federal e-rulemaking portal, Regulations.gov. To submit comments electronically, use the Regulations.gov comment form for Notice No. 126. To submit comments by postal mail or hand delivery, see the instructions included within the proposed rule.

Source: TTB

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