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Wine Buzz: July 2012 Edition

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Palm Bay International has been appointed to import and market the South American Terra Andina line in the U.S., and the brand is being relaunched, literally, with style. Each wine is vividly labeled with a descriptor that captures its stylistic essence and aims to share the South American vibe: Sauvignon Blanc (“fresh”), Cabernet Sauvignon (“bold”) and Carmenere (“scandalous”) from Chile; Malbec (“rich”) from Argentina; plus a Sparkling Moscato (“chic”) from Brazil. Line SRP: $11.99



Chandon has tapped Napa’s Perfect Purée to target the on-premise brunch occasion. Debuting in New York City, with other markets to follow, the Chandon Brunch Bellini Service brings a fun mixology dimension to the table. The custom bucket holds a bottle of Chandon Brut and a selection of fruit purées—including strawberry, blueberry, green apple and white peach, among others (ordered separately)—allowing guests to create their own fruity bubbly blends. The service is designed to retail on-premise for about $50.





Don’t get spooked, but do brace yourself for two otherworldly wines touching down this month. On the more grounded, if mystical side, is The Divining Rod, a new project from Napa Valley’s Marc Mondavi. Unbeknownst to most, Mondavi has been a practicing “water witch” since he discovered his ability to use divining, or “dowsing,” tools as a teenager. Over recent decades, he has often been called upon by Napa peers to help locate underground water sources, so valuable for planting new vineyards. To honor this often misunderstood art and the instruments that harness this power, Marc and his daughters created The Divining Rod wines, featuring an unoaked Santa Lucia Highlands Chardonnay and Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (SRP for each is $16.99). Both wines sport the motto “Ex Aqua Vinum” (“From Water, Wine”) and have “a little magic” (other grapes) blended in for good measure.


On the wackier side, we have Abduction Wines—based on a concept by science fiction enthusiast Robb Jacobs and brought to life by Vision Wine & Spirits (with help from Spanish grapes). Of course the name and label are tongue-in-cheek, but the appeal is real: Statistics show that up to 80% of Americans believe that extraterrestrial life exists, and 33% believe aliens have visited Earth at some point. “Galactic White” (100% Airen) and “Cosmic Red” (Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon) are both in 750ml format for SRP $9.99.




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