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Brand Profile: Like Homemade

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Master of Mixes Delivers a Premium Portfolio Based on Classic Cocktail Preparations

There is no higher standard for mixology than “from scratch.” American Beverage Marketers believes that their Master of Mixes brand should adhere as close to a “scratch” version as possible, and the proof is in the mix.

“We know that top bartenders pride themselves on sourcing fresh fruit, and Master of Mixes uses the same premium juices, as well as natural sweetening agents in our products,” says Theresa Martin, marketing manager at American Beverage Marketers (ABM). Master of Mixes is able to source the best possible fruit varieties and ensure they are picked only at peak ripeness. “Our customers are confident they can mix premium cocktails just like ‘from scratch’ faster and with less hassle,” says Martin.

Ask For Real Fruit

Not only does Master of Mixes offer a wide variety of mixes, but the flavors can include as much as 96% juice (tomato and lemon for Bloody Mary). Consumers could be enjoying a mix made with Granny Smith apples, coconuts sourced from the Dominican Republic, Alphonse mangos from India or California strawberries. “We have great sources for our fruit, like key limes from a small coastal growing region in Mexico that we hand-harvest,” adds Martin.

Master of Mixes cocktail mixers are crafted using “a gentle-processing method that ensures the fruit is never overcooked and maximizes flavor,” says Martin. The resulting flavor is “true to the fruit, and that is very important to ABM.”

Consistently ranked as America’s top cocktail mix brand, Master of Mixes has 20.8% category market share according to Nielsen data. From Bloody Mary (Classic and 5 Pepper Extra Spicy versions) and Margarita to Mai Tai, Sour Apple, Cosmopolitan and Manhattan, the portfolio includes 16 enticing flavor options in the 1L size and eight in 1.75L size. “We do see regional diversity in how flavors sell. For instance, Old Fashioned sells well in Wisconsin and Arizona. Our core flavors [Margarita, Bloody Mary, Sweet & Sour, Strawberry and Piña Colada] sell consistently well from coast to coast,” explains Martin.

ABM also watches trends, and last year added Master of Mixes Lite flavor options, with no added sugar, in Sweet n’ Sour, Margarita and Strawberry. “In the fall and winter months, Bloody Mary and Martini mixes rise in sales. Margaritas tend to be strong sellers year-round, but summer is their biggest season,” says Martin.

Premium Packaging

The packaging for Master of Mixes products is an integral feature for the ABM team. “The labels all feature mouthwatering prepared cocktails and decorative gold foil accents—Master of Mixes stands out on the shelf,” says Martin. The PET bottle is preferred by consumers and easy to grip. Master of Mixes Cocktail Essentials, which offer high-quality finishing bar staples including Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Grenadine Syrup and newest addition Agave Nectar, are in sleek, angular bottles with color-coated metal closures. “Cocktail Essentials was introduced in 2006, to help at-home bartenders make even more cocktails,” Martin says.

Retailers who carry Master of Mixes have access to a very useful Retail Selling Guide. In addition to useful category analysis and packaging innovation information, ABM offers shelf management tips, a comprehensive flavor by flavor primer and POS guidance. Martin recounts, “During field work, we noticed how strong the impact of the Master of Mixes story was when conveyed in person. But we are limited in how many accounts we can communicate with that way. The Retail Selling Guide was created to reach a wider audience, and help retailers in selling our products to consumers.”

All Master of Mixes options combine premium fruit juices, purées and essential oils. “The people behind Master of Mixes are passionate about being the ‘Truly Premium’ option from aroma to first sip to the finish,” says Martin.


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