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The Beverage Network’s 2012 Special Holiday VAP Section

Posted on  | November 1, 2012   Bookmark and Share
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Photographs by Samuel Bristow

Good things come in all sorts of packages—from tin canisters and window boxes to velvet bags and leather display stands—often accompanied by simpatico tools and glassware.

The holidays—through habit and tradition alike—Americans gearing up for gift-giving.* In anticipation, suppliers, distributors and retailers are eager to catch shoppers’ attention with a fresh crop of pre-packaged bottles of every imaginable shape, size, color and flavor. Some sport complementary glassware, other accessories and recipes; in still other cases, the package itself can be a keepsake. What holiday- themed gift items have in common, however, is both festive visual appeal and serious added-value. For time-pressed shoppers, gift-packed wine and spirits can be just what Santa ordered.

The trick for most retailers, naturally, is deciding which items to carry—and where to put them. Here, variety is key; it is important to stock gift packs that present a range of wine and spirit types, at a variety of price points, featuring add-ons that present both fanciful and functional add-ons.

As grabby as special packages appear, it is important to make sure that fresh goods make it out the door before January. Keeping smaller and/or less expensive items near the register can spur impulse sales. Definitely make sure your sales staff can speak informatively and cheerfully regarding what is in each gift pack. For example, cross-referencing a boxed bottle with what’s on the shelf can help a hesitant customer green-light a gift-boxed liqueur for “someone who likes flavors.” And suggesting a package that has tools needed to whip up cocktails could swing the pendulum for someone shopping for a budding mixologist.

In most cases, holiday gift packaging is built around popular brands. That makes sense. Gift items are often more about comfort than experimentation. Proven winners in fresh outfits. That’s a recipe for added sales and happy customers, which make all the frenetic work of the holiday season worthwhile.

*Note: Availability and pricing for gift packs will vary; check with your local sales reps to gauge what is available in your market.


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