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Local NJLBA: Here To Help

Posted on  | January 3, 2013   Bookmark and Share
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We hope that many of our members and wholesaler allied members are recovering from Superstorm Sandy and we want to reaffirm our commitment to assisting them in any way we can. Many businesses have been lost and many are still in the recovery phase. Our thoughts and prayers are with every business affected by the storm.

During such a devastating time, it is wonderful to see people working together and helping and supporting each other. Although I personally was very lucky and had no storm damage, I just said goodbye to two friends and their three cats that resided with me for the last five weeks. You can see this support and commitment from people all over the state.

Got Questions? Just Call…

We want remind everyone that the NJLBA can assist you with information regarding permits that may be necessary to continue your business, a liquor audit for insurance purposes and/or other insurance needs. Whatever your questions are regarding your business, we are here to help.

Further, BMI has attempted to contact all of our members affected by the hurricane by phone and will provide in writing the necessary financial credit for businesses that have experienced temporary or complete closure. All affected licensees will receive some type of credit even if you were closed for one day. Anyone affiliated with BMI can contact them directly at 1-800-261-7671.

We want to thank New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for his leadership and ABC Director Michael Halfacre and his staff for their quick response extended to the hospitality sector during this difficult time.


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