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Note from the Publisher: A New Year

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As we start off the New Year it is time to reflect on some of the changes that happened over the course of 2012:

• Michael Halfacre became the new Director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).

• Marilou Halvorsen became the new President of the New Jersey Restaurant Association.

• New Jersey wineries were allowed to ship directly to customers.

• A brewery bill was signed, allowing microbreweries to sell their products on their licensed premises.

• And lastly, Hurricane Sandy impacted several of our major wholesalers as well as many licensees.

These changes, good or bad, have had a great impact on our industry. But as in the slogan “Jersey Strong” seen on many bumper stickers and T-shirts, etc., we will overcome any obstacle put in our path. We as an industry must band together to make it happen.

You can help yourself and your industry by becoming a part of it. Join your local association. Become active. Be concerned with the issues and challenges of the industry. Remember: the sum total of each individual’s efforts will be reflected in the industry’s progress and the future for all of us. May 2013 bring you health, happiness and the satisfaction of moving forward.

R&R Marketing Hosting Fundraiser
R&R Marketing and several area businesses have come together to host a “Restore the Shore” tasting on Thursday, January 24th at Eagle Oaks Country Club in Farmingdale. To learn more, please see page 41 and 46.

Reminder – Industry Shutdown
It is important for all licensees to make proper arrangements to have sufficient inventory as certain wholesalers will close for winter vacation. Those wholesalers will close Monday, January 21st and reopen on Monday, January 28th. Make sure to have a 10-day supply on hand—not a 7-day supply—because when the shutdown period ends, there may be a delay of deliveries.

Fedway Strong
After three extraordinarly difficult weeks following Hurricane Sandy, Fedway Associates resumed shipping in November. Next month, New Jersey Beverage Journal will go inside Fedway to learn more about their ordeal and their incredible journey back to business.

Notice to the Industry
ABC Director Michael Halfacre recently issued a notice regarding the hiring of individuals convicted of crimes of moral turpitude to be employed on a licensed premise without the need to obtain a rehabilitation permit. For more information regarding this notice please see page 43 [of print edition of January New Jersey Beverage Journal].

Q & A with NJ ABC

Question: May a patron take from a restaurant an unfinished portion of a bottle of wine as if in a “doggy bag”?

Answer: Yes. It is the policy of the state to encourage moderation in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. To permit a diner to take home an unfinished bottle wine, rather than consume it all to prevent “waste” of his purchase, furthers that policy. Thus, an unfinished bottle of wine may be re-corked and the patron can take it with him. Removal of other open containers of alcoholic beverages from the licensed premises, such as a glass of wine, a mixed drink or an opened bottle or can of beer, is still prohibited.

Licensees should caution patrons using wine “doggy bags” that the wine should be placed in the trunk of the patron’s car while in transit because Motor Vehicle Law prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages in a car and the presence of a container with its original seal broken in a motor vehicle (buses, taxi cabs and limousines are excluded) can give rise to a presumption that the wine was consumed in the car.

Did You Know?

• The production of alcohol has been traced back at least 12,000 years.

• Many historians believe that the practice of farming was not started as a means of food production. Instead, early farmers were most likely engaging in their trade in order to produce the necessary ingredients to create alcoholic beverages.

• The word brandy is derived from the Dutch word brandewijn; it means burnt wine.


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