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The Connection: Winter 2013

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Many bars and restaurants use social media to varying degrees. One on-premise owner, Ralph Cestone, president of Club 4/Sixty/6 in West Orange, NJ, wanted to do more than gather fans of his business on Facebook. He wanted an app that could help him engage with potential customers and to know how many guests to expect. Tidal Wave for Facebook offers a low, monthly cost for its social media marketing applications and is easy to use. Cestone particularly liked that his guest list, which allows free entry to ladies and discounted cover to men when they sign up for Friday or Saturday night, could be edited to meet ongoing needs. Being better prepared in terms of staffing and food and drink stock helps keep things running smoothly and profitably. To learn more about Tidal Wave’s capabilities for on-premise, visit tidalwaveapp.com


Beam and Canadian Club want male drinkers to “Join the Club.” Digitally, that is. Video segments viewable on Facebook and digital media star the brand’s new bass voice, the “Canadian Club Chairman.” He imparts “Whisky Wisdom” to live by, like “Drafts are best suited to fantasy football. Order a Canadian Club Whisky.” He also educates about the popularity of Canadian Club in American speakeasies during Prohibition.

Facebook.com/CanadianClub | canadianclub.com



L2, a think tank for digital brand activation that brings together leaders in both academia and industry, has released a report rating spirits companies. The “2013 Digital IQ Index: Spirits” study focused on the digital performance of 69 prestige spirit brands, ranking them as Genius, Gifted, Average, Challenged or Feeble. Digital competence was measured across more than 675 data points in four dimensions: site, digital marketing, social media and mobile. Absolut, Beam and Bacardi tied for the top spot. Visit L2thinktank.com/research/spirits-2013 for access to the full report as well as insights about regulatory hurdles and more.





Barry Wiss, Trinchero Family Estate’s VP of trade relations, loves helping beverage professionals prepare for the Certified Wine Specialist and Certified Wine Educator exams. Wiss (a CWE himself) leads seminars around the globe, utilizing hundreds of PowerPoint slides in day-long sessions. Looking for a way to keep his audience more engaged, Wiss found Turning Point Interactive PowerPoint Software, an audience response sytem that enables instructors to embed questions into their presentations. Wiss splits his audience into two teams, and after going over a subject, presents 25 questions which the students answer via a ResponseCard keypad or mobile device. Trinchero now has 150 keypads to engage students.




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