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Malibu Redesigns Bottle

Posted on  | February 28, 2013   Bookmark and Share
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Introducing the new redesigned Malibu bottle. The new bottle keeps all the fun and energy that characterizes Malibu but adds more of a contemporary, modern feel. And the new clear window around the bottom of the bottle maximizes shelf-appeal by highlighting the fresh, clear spirit.

“Malibu is the original Caribbean rum and coconut liqueur.  Our iconic white bottle is a symbol of the brand that is known throughout the world. But even something great can evolve. And that’s just what we’ve accomplished with the new design,” says Lisa McCann, Brand Director for Malibu, Pernod Ricard USA.

All aspects of the package have been refined including the word mark, logo design, the typography and the bottle shape itself. The new bottle is more slender with high shoulders, giving it a distinctive, modern feel that appeals to everyone while complementing the unique Malibu character. McCann added, “It brings to life the energy and warmth of the Caribbean, in a highly contemporary way”

The new logo is clean and modern and evokes the free and easy spirit of Malibu. It captures the inspiring moment when the setting sun meets the beach, and the day opens up into an even better time.

Malibu’s spirit. Malibu is all about spreading the summer feeling, of being carefree and open to good times all the time. Those lucky consumers who have had a sneak-peek at the new bottle say it’s a knockout – more fun, energetic, trendy and contemporary.

The new bottle will arrive at retail in the spring 2013.


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