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Local NJLBA: Behind the Wellhofer/Wilinski Scholarships

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William G. Wellhofer of Atlantic City was one of the founders of the New Jersey Tavern Association, which later became the United Tavern Owner’s Association of New Jersey, and which we now operate under the name of the New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association. In 1944 it was decided that a memorial be established in the memory of Mr. Wellhofer for his foresight and drive in founding the association and ideals of the on-premise licensees in the State of New Jersey. Because Mr. Wellhofer was a college graduate and believed in higher education, it was decided to form the William G. Wellhofer Scholarship Foundation.

The Robert Wilinski Scholarship was established in 1991 as a lasting memorial to the late Robert Wilinski, who passed away in April of that year. Mr. Wilinski was an attorney and friend who represented the NJLBA for over 30 years. Mr. Wilinski joined the William T. Cahill law firm in 1951, later to become senior partner. He began attending NJLBA board meetings in the absence of the NJLBA’s chief counsel, William T. Cahill, when he was elected to Congress in 1958.

The newly created scholarship was made part of the existing William G. Wellhofer Scholarship Foundation and was renamed the foundation. New guidelines were established for eligibility. The scholarships are reserved for the sons, daughters and grandchildren of present dues-paying members of the New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association and the sons, daughters and grandchildren of retired members who had paid dues for at least five years prior to their retirement.

Though there are limited guidelines, the applications are scored on a point system that includes the high school cumulative grade average, rank in class, activities and counselor’s recommendations. The winners are selected from an anonymous list presented to the Wellhofer/Wilinski Committee. The two scholarships are awarded annually in the amount of $10,000 ($2,500 per year) and offered to matriculated, full-time undergraduate students attending any recognized university in the United States. Scholarship applications, due April 30th, should be sent to the NJLBA office in Trenton. Contact the association at 609-394-6730 for an application. Grant recipients will be notified in writing and the winners will also be announced at the Wellhofer/Wilinski Scholarship Picnic in June.

The Wellhofer/Wilinski Annual Scholarship picnic will be held this year on Wednesday June 26th, from 2pm to 7pm at the Oak Tree Lodge, 1412 Schoolhouse Road, Wall Township, NJ. We look forward to seeing you all at the picnic again this year.


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