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Local NJLSA: Offense vs. Defense

Posted on  | July 5, 2013   Bookmark and Share
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You Can Make the Difference!

The NJLSA is finally opening up our offensive playbook and moving a vital piece of legislation through our State Senate with the support of key leadership. Its focus: establishing the much-needed definition of a package store and licensed premises. Bear in mind, this legislation is separate and apart from the state two-license limit law—so we need your support to help us get this bill through the Assembly, in addition to standing up to the current Majority Leader and his own legislative attempts to expand the two-license limit to ten (10) licenses!

There has probably never been a more important time for all of our State’s independent retail licensees to step up and support our efforts than between now and the end of the year, which will be a Lame Duck session unlike anything we have seen in the last decade. You can see a copy of this legislation on our website and understand why you need to protect your livelihood while defending your industry.

Annual Golf Outing Draws Over 200

Thankfully, Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough opened both of their premier 18-hole courses to accommodate the more than 200 golfers who took part in the record-breaking NJLSA PAC Annual Golf Outing in June. I, along with the NJLSA Board of Directors and Trustees, commend NJLSA PAC Chairman Juan Negrin and NJLSA Trustee/Secretary Bruce Hamilton for the outstanding job they did co-chairing this year’s outing, which was a totally SOLD OUT event!

The NJLSA would also like to send a BIG THANK YOU to all of our Premier Sponsors—Allied Beverage, Fedway, Opici Wine Group/American BD Company and R&R Marketing/The Charmer Sunbelt Group—for helping make the event a success. We ask our member and affiliate licensees to please be sure to support these wholesalers who continually support our efforts and our livelihoods!

Fall Holiday Trade Show

Please mark your calendars by circling Wednesday, October 30th, the date of the 8th Annual NJLSA Fall Holiday Trade Show. It will once again take place at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center at Raritan Center in Edison.

This is the largest trade show of its kind and the one you do not want to miss! Please go to our website for more information; and if you are a vendor, supplier or wholesaler we urge you to register as early as possible, since we have SOLD OUT this show for three consecutive years and had to turn away quite a few latecomers last year. See our ad on the opposite page with contact information or feel free to go to our website.

NJLSA Participates in Annual ABL Conference in D.C.

Members of the NJLSA Board of Directors and Trustees attended the 11th Annual American Beverage License Association Conference, in June, in our nation’s capital. The main focus was on the recently announced recommendation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to lower the national BAC limit to .05 from the current .08 limit. This attempt to redefine the threshold for being “legally drunk” represents the single largest threat to our industry since Prohibition. Even MADD has stepped up and stated that this recommendation does nothing to address the more serious issue: getting hardcore repeat offenders off the roads.

Other key issues discussed at this conference related to the big box and chain threat to independent retailers, which has resulted from the globalization and nationalization of our industry’s supplier tier as well as the expansion of chains and mega box retailers. Members of the ABL have formed a national coalition of independent state retail associations, including New Jersey, to combine resources to protect, defend and reinforce our independent retail models. Bottom line: we all need to band together and step up our efforts at every level.

Kudos to NJ ABC on ‘Swill’

Our own NJ ABC made national headlines with the breaking news of their operation to test the quality of purported “top shelf” spirits in hundreds of restaurants throughout our state. The results were not surprising to many of us who have had to endure the experience of paying through the nose for a premium beverage and questioning whether or not you are drinking some inferior replacement. I for one have had the experience of ordering a martini straight up with a well-known brand, only to send it back, not once but twice, and then having to accept the fact that I was drinking something that was not remotely close to what I know through experience I ordered.


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