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The Find: September 2013

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The world’s best-selling Cognac is aiming higher than ever with their newest release. Hennessy Paradis Impérial is a blend of vintages between 30 and 130 years old; only one out of 1,000 eaux-de-vie of a given year made the cut. Hennessy Paradis dates back to 1818, when an exclusive blend was first created for the Dowager Empress of Russia. Elegant and complex with an insanely long finish, Paradis Impérial is transcendent. It comes in a crystalline glass decanter with an 18-carat gold and silver collar, encased in a luxurious gift box. SRP $2,700.



Vermouth—the aromatized, fortified wine that dates back to the 1700s—was acting crafty long before craft spirits. Now mixologists and specialty retailers have a few new versions of this heady, complex ancient elixir to play with. From France, Anchor Distilling Company’s import Maurin (known for its iconic green devil label) has three new vermouths, Dry, White and Red, each created from recipes dating back to the 1800s. Avilable in CA, NY, FL, TX, IL, MA; SRP for each is $24.99/750ml. And from Italy, Martini has released the limited-edition Gran Lusso marking their 150th anniversary. Gran Lusso combines two unique extracts: The first was made with Moscato must; Martini says the second, the recreation of a 1904 recipe known only as “extract 94,” is the first botanical extract to rest in small demijohns for eight years. Gran Lusso made its debut at this year’s Tales of the Cocktail; SRP is about $30/750ml.

anchordistilling.com | martini.com




Adult Beverage Company, creators of Adult Chocolate Milk (Strawberry, too), have stirred up a new nostalgic potion: Adult S’mores. The distinctive aroma of graham crackers and timeless combo of toasty marshmallow and melting chocolate will bring adults back to good times around a campfire. Technically a vodka-based liqueur, the smooth, creamy 15% ABV Adult S’mores requires no tinder, flint, or roasting sticks; just pour over ice. Distributed and marketed exclusively by Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits; SRP $15.99.

adultbeverageco.com | deutsch.com




The 901 Tequila line just tripled: the Silver is being joined by a reposado and an añejo. Co-founded by Justin Timberlake and Kevin Ruder in 2009, 901 Tequila is triple-distilled using only 100% Blue Weber Agave. The 901 Reposado (SRP $45) is aged in oak for at least eight months, resulting in smooth flavors with agave notes and a hint of vanilla. The 901 Añejo ($50), in barrel for 18 months, has notes of pepper, nuts, coffee and roasted oak.

901.com | palmbay.com



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