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Local NJRA: Lots New For Fall

Posted on  | October 5, 2013   Bookmark and Share
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NJRA Establishes Partnership with United Health Care

A personal goal of mine was to establish a relationship with a company to offer health care coverage and help our members comply with the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA). I am happy to report that the NJRA is establishing a partnership with United Health Care. They have created industry-specific plans for both large and small companies and will be assisting them in meeting the necessary requirements.

Check out our new look!

Visit www.njra.org to see our new website. We hope this will be a place not only for our members to get pertinent information for their business, but also for consumers to “Find A Great Restaurant.” The new site is now up and will develop over the next two months. We expect 100% completion by December 1st.

New Additions to Our Menu of Benefits

I’m happy to announce some more New Member Benefits! New Jersey Restaurant Association members can now receive discounts on lighting products from North American LED and Wage & Hour/Accounting Advice from Citrin Cooperman.

North American LED is a partner of the National Restaurant Association and has a program to help restaurants save money on LED bulbs, which will reduce your electric bill and last longer, eliminating replacement routines and reducing maintenance costs. Citrin Cooperman has been a longtime Allied Member of the Association and is a nationally recognized full-service accounting, tax and consulting firm.

Please contact Allyson at AOBRIEN@ NJRA.ORG if you would like more info on these benefits.

Education Headquarters

We invite you to kick off fall and take advantage of our Free ServSafe Food & Alcohol classes. As you may know, the NJRA has received a grant from the NJ Department of Labor and is eager to train your employees. A list of current classes can be found on WWW.NJRA.ORG under Calendar and Seminars. Please call Alicia at 800-848-6368 to register employees or schedule a class at your establishment.

I am also happy to announce the availability of the ServSafe Allergens course, designed to help both front-of-the-house staff and back-of-the-house operations better understand how to accommodate the growing number of guests with food allergies. A 10% discount off the Online Training Course is available to NJRA members by using code ALLERGEN and visiting: http://www.servsafe.com/ss/catalog/productDetail.aspx?ID=1937

Advocacy for All

The NJRA continues to represent you in both the State Legislature and Congress. Some of the legislation we continue to monitor involves: minimum wage, GMO, paid sick leave, ban the box, wage reporting, immigration, etc.

Because there is constant change with the Affordable Health Care Act, we want to keep you informed. Since NJRA membership entitles you to membership with the National Restaurant Association as well, we are now able to offer members a downloadable booklet entitled Health Care Law Primer.

Please visit www.restaurant.org/healthcare for the download and information on related topics.

Key Events Ahead
December 2nd
33rd Gold Plate & Restaurateurs of the Year Awards Gala
Mayfair Farms, West Orange, NJ


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