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120 Years of Tradition

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The Franziafamily, circa 1920.

Giuseppe Franzia arrived in New York Harbor from Genoa, Italy,  in May of 1893. The 22-year-old continued by train to San Francisco where he worked for a short time before moving to the Stockton area of California where he farmed rented land near the intersection of Highway 99 and Foppiano Lane. He married Teresa Carrara on July 4, 1900, the day she arrived from Italy, and the first of their eight children was born in 1902. In 1906, they purchased 80 acres near Ripon, California and the family moved their belongings by railroad flatcar to their new home. Giuseppe made wine for his own use and then in 1915 began commercial production of Franzia wines.

The Franzias had three daughters and five sons. The sons became known as “The Five Fearless Franzias” and were fundamental to the family’s success. In 1933, with Teresa’s encouragement, the cornerstone was laid for Franzia Brothers Winery; they produced 100,000 gallons of table wine that first year. In the late 1960s, the third generation of Franzias took active roles in the business. These younger Franzias successfully led the winery into the expanding table and sparkling wine markets.

When Franzia Brothers Winery was sold in 1973, three of Giuseppe’s seven grandsons, Fred T. Franzia, Joseph S. Franzia and John Franzia, Jr., began plans to establish their own winery. With their family roots and long U.S. wine tradition established in 1893, they drew on that winemaking heritage to form Bronco Wine Company. Development of vineyards followed and today Bronco Wine Company and their affiliated partners are the largest farmers of wine-producing vineyards in United States. Now active in the wine business with their own Panther Rock Wine Company is the fourth generation of the Franzia Family (children of Fred T., Joseph S. and John, Jr.—all 13 siblings and cousins).

“This is an exciting time for California agriculture and its growing vineyard portion. Bronco Wine Company has enjoyed nearly four decades of success, and now 16 straight years of growing sales, as well as international participation and recognition. We are also witnessing an increasingly informed consumer base that has grown in knowledge, and is on the hunt for the quality and value in wine that our brands provide” asserts Fred Franzia, Co-Founder, President and CEO, Bronco Wine Company.

The Bronco Wine Portfolio now includes wines produced by the company, several partner brands as well as importing and distribution representation for a growing global portfolio of world-class wines that provide continued growth, value and profitability for suppliers and customers. The Bronco Wine Company portfolio of wines is owned by the Franzia Family, which has a 120-year winemaking tradition. Bronco Wine Company has no relationship to Franzia boxed wine.


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