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The Man Behind White Zinfandel

Posted on  | November 22, 2013   Bookmark and Share
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The period leading into the holidays is the busiest for Southern Wine & Spirits’ sales force. Only a very special event could take them out of the field, and on October 25th, there was a very good reason. Members of the Southern sales force came together at Fox Hollow in Woodbury, New York for a special gathering that included a visit from one of the legendary figures in the wine industry, Bob Trinchero, chairman and founder of Trinchero Family Estates.

Larry Goodrich, executive vice president/general manager of Southern Wine & Spirits of New York, began the meeting by recognizing the notable people in attendance: Mel Dick and Steve Slater of Southern Wine & Spirits, as well as Bob Torkelson, Jeff Barklage, Wendy Nyberg and, of course, Bob Trinchero, of Trinchero Family Estates. The relationship between Trinchero and Southern started decades ago and is a treasured one for both parties for the strong partnerships and shared success over the years.

The meeting also emphasized the importance of future sales and marketing goals for both Trinchero and Southern to achieve together for brands like Sutter Home and Ménage à Trois. But for many of the attendees, the most meaningful portion was Bob Trinchero’s speech recounting his remarkable winemaking story. He connected with the New York audience when he mentioned his early childhood on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, before the family relocated to California. While recounting the establishment of his family’s wine business, he humbly described to the group the history around White Zinfandel, and how it became an industry juggernaut, growing exponentially in sales since its initial launch.

A consensus among those salespersons in attendance: it was a one-of-a-kind experience and a meeting they will long remember.


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