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Publisher’s Personal Page: January 2014

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Be a ‘Know it All’

When you think about the “high frequency” consumer, first thought generally goes to committed wine drinkers. Clearly you need to be up-to-speed on the trends and changes in the wine business to properly service them. But if you’ve stopped there, you are missing out on business and risk losing a good customer.

The Wine Marketing Council recently released some surprising results of a study of high frequency consumers. Among those consuming wine at least once a week, a third are consuming spirits as often as they do wine. This is a good reason to keep well informed about the nuances of spirits as well.

As the last of the 80 million Millennials enter drinking age in 2015, the Wine Council study characterizes them as a generation responsive to higher-end. But, it is not just about “buying expensive”—they look increasingly for measures of complexity, availability, quality, and they understand the importance of methods of production of the products they buy. So, after you finish searching for the right products on BeverageMedia.com, make sure you leave enough time to carefully read your Beverage Media. Increasingly, you need to be a “know it all.”

William G. Slone

Super Customers

In New York, we are fortunate to have a relatively dense population base and an exceptional influx of both domestic and foreign tourists. And now with the Super Bowl we can expect a nice bump of an estimated 400,000 visitors, during a relatively slow period.

For all of the talk about the weather and the endless discussion around if it was a good idea for the NFL to grant the Super Bowl to a northeastern city, it is undeniable that these festivities will bring in an estimated $500 million into the metropolitan area. Hotels, restaurants, bars, taxis and small business will all reap the benefits of New York/New Jersey hosting a Super Bowl.

In this issue, we have included an article  to help you think through some ideas about how to take advantage of this unique opportunity. I am strongly encouraging you to embrace this experience, and that includes both On and Off-Premise, because if Mother Nature has her way, it might be a while before these Super profits are back on the table.

Jason A. Glasser
Chief Executive Officer

Mainstream For 2014

Happy New Year! To kick off 2014, we look at the changing landscape of American whiskey. “Alt Whiskey Goes Mainstream” shows how creativity from both craft and larger distillers are patriotically reminding us there’s more to American whiskey than straight bourbon. A new year is always about renewal and revitalization. In “Stoli Reclaimed”, we welcome Stoli Group USA into the supplier mix—as this new company has been formed to lead the next phase of growth for this iconic brand.

The retail landscape has changed a great deal since the early 2000s, and it will continue to do so. We asked several wine and spirits merchants about ways they plan to improve business and better service customers this year, so check out some of their wisdom in “13 Resolutions for a Profitable New Year.” And if there’s a need for refreshing wine lists and shelves after the holidays, W. Blake Gray’s “8 Great Under-The-Radar Wines” offers inspiration to mix things up with lesser-known regions and grapes.

Jody Slone-Spitalnik
Chief Operating Officer


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