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Local NJLSA: Spring? Bring It On

Posted on  | April 2, 2014   Bookmark and Share
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Inaugural Joint NJLSA-NJLBA Spring Trade Show

Our first joint NJLSA/NJLBA Spring Trade Show will be taking place on Wednesday, April 2nd at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. The Board of Directors and Trustees of the NJLSA would like to send our most sincere THANK YOU to everyone who supported this premiere event, including our three Platinum Sponsors: Allied Beverage Group, Fedway Associates and R & R Marketing. We also would like to thank all of the suppliers, wholesalers and vendors who made the commitment and investment to participant with this inaugural show. Please go to our website to view the complete list of supporters and photo album of event.

Although this Message from the NJLSA was written prior to the show date, I fully anticipate that this show will be a huge success and acknowledge the privilege that it was to work with NJLBA Executive Director Diane Weiss, NJLBA President Jimmy Bennett, NJLBA Vice President Jim Filler and, as always, NJLSA Treasurer Juan Negrin. It was also a long overdue reunion working with Joanne Lombardi as our Event Coordinator. Joanne worked with Juan, Fred Leighton and myself during the early years of our Annual Fall Holiday Trade Show and was instrumental in building that event into one of the largest alcohol industry events on the east coast.

NJLSA-PAC Golf Outing: June 16

The annual tradition continues on the day after Father’s Day, when the fourth annual NJLSA-PAC Golf Outing takes place on Monday, June 16th. Once again Royce Brook will play host to this premier event that encompasses both the East and West courses. Last year nearly 200 golfers participated; the beauty of the dual courses at Royce Brook means that there were minimal wait times.

The NJLSA PAC is a critical part of our strategic mission and the success of this event is essential to our ability to maintain a seat at the negotiating table with our elected state representatives. NJLSA Treasurer and PAC Chairman Juan Negrin and NJLSA Director Bruce Hamilton, along with NJLSA Director Mike Maro, will be working together to ensure the continued success of this event. Please sign up as early as possible; we start accepting reservations on April 7th.

Independent Retailers Need to Get Connected

The future of our state’s alcohol industry will literally slide through the hands of our legislators if we do not step up and protect our livelihoods. I recently returned from a National Conference of the American Beverage Licenses (www.ABLusa.org) and was encouraged by the progress they have made in uniting independent retailers all over our country. Almost all of us are being been confronted by the same coordinated challenge from big box grocer and warehouse clubs attempting to break down our independent retail model.

We have come to a major fork in the road. The easy choice is to do nothing and put our fate in the hands of the free market manipulators, like Walmart and Costco, who will not stop in their insatiable thirst for market share. However, there is another choice, where the small independent retailers unite and send the message out to the masses that we are “mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.” (These immortal words were passionately delivered by Peter Finch in the 1976 movie Network.)

Our recently re-introduced “Level Playing Field Legislation” will be the most important piece of legislation we have worked on since the deregulation of our industry in 1980. It unquestionably represents the best chance we will have to defend our livelihoods in the current decade and hopefully thereafter! We all need to come together to turn back the tide that has been working against us, so connect and SUPPORT THE NJLSA!


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