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Lauber Sales Reps Ace WSET Class

Posted on  | June 24, 2014   Bookmark and Share
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Lauber Imports, a New York division of Southern Wine & Spirits of America, recently enrolled their sales force in a certification course offered by the Wine & Spirits Education Trust. After all the corks were pulled and tests were taken, 47 of 47 passed (32 with distinction).

Developed by the Wine & Spirits Education Trust, the Level 2 Award course covers multiple areas of study over five weeks, with approximately 6 hours per week of coursework done both online and in study groups. Content spans grape varieties & regions; factors impacting wine style, quality and price; food and wine pairing; and labeling laws, among other topics.

“Our customers are more knowledgeable than ever about their craft,” noted Paul Schutte, Director of Marketing at Lauber. “Continuing education is the key to servicing our customers at a high level and maintaining best in class service.”

With 100% participation and success, the Lauber Imports sales team will continue to service the New York market with enhanced expertise. Matt Munn, Senior Vice President/General Manager Wine for Southern Wine & Spirits of NY, said, “Simply put, we are all now in a better position to be on the same page as our customers, and they are in a better position to sell through.” Southern Wine & Spirits looks forward to including WSET training in its national ongoing professional development. The Lauber division’s 47 certifications added to the cumulative total of more than 500 Southern Wine & Spirits employees nationwide who have taken and passed WSET Level 2.


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