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Personal Page: News & Views July 2014

Posted on  | June 23, 2014   Bookmark and Share
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Watching Your Back

My thanks to the licensees who attended this year’s American Beverage Licensees (ABL) Conference in DC. I had the pleasure of addressing these industry leaders as part of a panel, and it just served to remind me of the critical importance of active association involvement.

We enjoy the support of some outstanding groups in New York State, for both on- and off-premise issues. But the challenges never end. You deal with them everyday within your business and I am sure frequently within your community. But the further out you move, be it Albany or Washington DC, often the threats become even greater.

I got a little taste of this during briefings, prior to hitting the halls of Congress. Then a group of well-informed licensees went to walk the halls. Sure, the lobbyist and lawyers are out there, but when tax-paying small business people talk about the negative impact on their business, they are humanizing the process.

If you couldn’t be there personally, at the very least be as supportive of your associations as you can. They are watching your back.

William G. Slone

Using All The Tools

The explosion of the internet has been a driver in building consumer interest inour products and unprecedented growth in consumer choice. So, how do you respond to these challenges?

For starters, if you want to take advantage of the internet, it is important that you understand the options, and constraints, you face. Know the Law  offers some helpful guidelines as you consider opportunities in this area.

At the same time, look for opportunities to better connect with your salespeople. Distributors are making an effort to strengthen and improve their sales forces. For example, at Lauber Imports, the entire sales team just completed a very demanding WSET course. In Bar Talk, we check in with a talented bartender who is now part of the Charmer Sunbelt Group, helping on-premise licensees optimize their bar programs.

In this Digital Age, of course, you can also—more easily than ever—link your salespeople to your BeverageMedia.com search and order account. If you are not yet registered, you are definitely not using all the tools.

Jason A. Glasser
Chief Executive Officer

See Vodka More Clearly

Every summer we devote a cover story to vodka, searching for a fresh angle. This time around, Jeffery Lindenmuth goes behind the clear spirit’s façade, focusing on the simple production decisions that can make a huge difference in final products. Base fermentation material, distilling method, type of still, filtration method, water used for dilution—these are all elements that can be varied, and influence vodka. Small decisions can have big consequences.

The cover story takes aim at the liquid behind the marketing, but as we all know, with vodka being technically free of aroma and flavor, the stories behind the brands will always be extra important. On that note, we think you will get a kick out of Jeffrey Pogash’s flashback, detailing how Smirnoff became one of the great marketing success stories of the 20th century.

Of course, there is more to summer sipping than “white goods.” Catch up on the latest Ready-To-Drink offerings as well as a trio of summer wine heroes: Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel.

Jody Slone-Spitalnik
Chief Operating Officer


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