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Local NJLSA: Rally Time

Posted on  | August 4, 2014   Bookmark and Share
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Legislation a Must

Newly elected NJLSA President Juan Negrin, along with key NJLSA representatives from across our state, will spend much of this summer in meetings with key state legislators to emphasize the need for our Level Playing Field Legislation as well as the need for our legislation to redefine the population criteria for both the Broad C consumption licenses (Type 32) that are not taken into consideration when calculating the municipal quota for Distribution D licenses (Type 44).

There is no doubt that there are members of the New Jersey Food Council that do not like either of these pieces of legislation and are committed to opposing them. Clearly, they would like to use the sales of alcoholic beverages to subsidize grocery sales that have been forfeited to the warehouse clubs and Walmarts’ who have insatiably, expanded their presence in the grocery channel. We feel it is time for our Legislature to revisit the need to limit the size of the big boxes that have become nothing more than small business incinerators in their dominance of just about every retail category segment. This destructive growth leads only to a zero sum gain in jobs.

We are fortunate to have some key members of the food council in our rank and file that can see through the shortsightedness of the strategy of expanding alcohol sales in the grocery channel in a chain and comingled model.

Growing Our Rank & File

We need more retailers who care about their future and the future of our industry to step up and get connected to our efforts. I can personally tell you that each and every one of you can make a difference in the future of your industry, and the first step is to become a member of the NJLSA.

The original “New Jersey Liquor Store Association” dated back to 1934—the year after Repeal of Prohibition, so 2014 officially marks our 80th anniversary. The “New Jersey Liquor Store Alliance” was a result of the merger of the state’s three package store associations into one “alliance” in 2004. I can assure you that our efforts have directly resulted in sustaining New Jersey’s independent retail model by preserving and defending our state’s two-license limit law.

We are currently in the process of doing our annual membership mailing to every 44 and 32 license in our state, and I hope that you will consider making the commitment to support the NJLSA. The NJLSA is a not-for-profit organization that is run by retailers, like me, who volunteer their time to help in the continual effort to protect and defend our livelihoods.

We’ve Got Help On The Hill

When you become a member of the NJLSA you also become a member of our national counterpart, the American Beverage Licensees (ABL), based in Washington DC, and dedicated to defending and protecting both the on- and off-premise retail sectors at the Federal level. The ABL is a direct extension of the NJLSA and gives us a voice and direct connection to our national affiliates as well as our State Congressional and House Representatives.

Our industry as a whole has evolved in the last decade from a national platform model to a global synergy network, and that means we all have to be connected or risk the chance of being dissected.

New Date! NJLSA Fall Holiday Trade Show
Wednesday, October 29th, 4pm – 8pm

This show has become one of the largest industry trade shows on the East Coast, and maybe even the country, and we look forward to hosting for the 9th year at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center at Raritan Center, in Edison. Please be sure to mark your calendars and plan to support this event as many of you have done in the past!


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