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Publisher’s Page: September 2014 News & Views

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Preparing For The Fall

Just wanted to pass along some key reference points as you hopefully, find time to consider your plans for the critical fall period.

Latest national GuestMetrics figures for July reflect a decline in spirits volume of 0.9%, but more upscale purchasing trends raised dollar sales a modest 1.3%. Strongest performers within that category have been bourbons and blends up 13%, and Irish whiskey up 7%. Like spirits, wine showed a modest decline in volume in July, but a better consumer response to luxury wines has brought year to date sales up just over 1.5%.

Beer volume on-premise, which had been tracking at a decline of 3.9% YTD, improved to a decline of just over 1% in the figures for July. Bar traffic associated with the World Cup no doubt deserves some of the credit, but keep an eye on imports—they appear to have contributed strongly to the improved picture.

We know that preparing for the fall is also about making more creative choices for the holidays. To help you make the right brand specific decisions we have just released further upgrades to our convenient search and order site. Just punch in BeverageMedia.com. Wishing you the best during the critical months ahead.

William G. Slone, Chairman

Improving Service

At the core of our business has always been the priority of providing the information you need to run your business more effectively and profitably. Therefore, for more than a decade we have taken the lead in expanding our communication services to include accessing information on line.

But with this emerging technology there are so many paths you can go down that we have to set priorities. When we recently identified an exceptional level of service being provided to restaurants by BinWise, a CA-based company, we also realized that their services—streamlining inventory and list management of beverage programs—could be a complement to BeverageMedia.com.

In another service upgrade, with holiday season efficiency in mind, in August we revamped BeverageMedia.com. In addition to improving the performance and accuracy of our Search Results, we have added wine and spirits ratings; last month’s pricing; next month’s pricing (after the 15th); and purchase history by item. Enhancements to the “Confirmed Stock” indicators and “Buy” buttons have also been made for better convenience.

Jason A. Glasser, Chief Executive Officer

Beyond The Cocktails

I had the pleasure of attending Tales of the Cocktail this past July. What. A. Scene. Parties, seminars, sampling kiosks… so much happening, but a sense of common purpose kept the buzz and blur of activity together. Everyone in New Orleans for Tales—suppliers, promoters, bartenders— was there for the same cause: advancing the art and profession of mixology. We hope you find inspiration in the profiles of this year’s 10 Bartenders to Watch. They are an interesting and dedicated group—and very in tune with their clientele. Be sure also to check out our timely primers on why the whiskey category is still heating up and how to better understand Hispanic consumers.

In wine, Jim Clarke writes on improving dessert wine sales on-premise; and Jeff Siegel delves into how stocking global value wines is an ideal way for independent merchants to distinguish themselves from the competition. Now is the time to take a critical look at inventory, product mix, displays, pricing and promotion. Save some space for Value Added Packages…our annual round-up is around the corner.

Jody Slone-Spitalnik, Chief Operating Officer


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