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The Find: September 2014

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Clearly pushing the envelope in the category, Pisco Porton is bringing in three new expressions of their Peruvian spirit, handcrafted at Hacienda La Caravedo, the oldest distillery in the Americas (est. 1684). The La Caravedo bottling (SRP $24.99) is a premium Pisco puro. The other two are single varietal Piscos, both priced at $39.99: Mosto Verde Quebranta, made with 100% Quebranta, offers aromatic hints of hay, chocolate, banana and toasted bread; savory and smooth on the palate, with a long, full finish. Mosto Verde Torontel is heady and complex, loaded with citrus, floral notes and golden raisins on the nose and palate.


In a bold, full brand repositioning, Veev 2.0, includes a reformulated 70 proof liquid, a redesigned package and a strategic focus on the vodka category. Launched originally as a 60 proof liqueur in 2007, it is still made with organic açai and all-natural ingredients, but Veev 2.0 is now designated as a neutral spirit. It is similar to a vodka but crafted to be more versatile and mixable. Along with a redesigned bottle, the Veev 2.0 campaign also includes “What Vodka Should Be” hang tags and aggressive social media encouraging consumers to “Cheat on Vodka.” SRP $29.99.

There are those who point to vodka as a category leveling off. Don’t write off the (theoretically) odorless, colorless, neutral stuff yet, though. And keep the flavors in mind, too. Consider these recent releases:

VDKA 6100, co-created by Hollywood/NYC shaker Robert DeNiro, was distilled in New Zealand (from whey!), pays homage to Australia (6100 is the country code), was designed in New York and bottled in French glass. SRP $34.99/750ml; NY, NJ, CT. vdk6100.com

Old Barrel Vodka is made from grain and five-times distilled, but then spends up to six months in ex- Cognac barrels, picking up color and spicy complexity that begs to be enjoyed on the rocks. SRP $24.99/750ml; CO, MN, NY, NJ, DE, TX, CT, MA, GA, TN. aikoimporters.com

Marquis Vodka, a new rye-based British import distilled in Poland, draws inspiration from the 17th century Libertine movement; in keeping with a brand philosophy that vice should also be tempered by virtue, the supplier donates 20% of retail revenue to its charitable partners. SRP $40; CA, FL, NJ, NY. marquisvodka.com

Zachlawi, the New Jersey–based brand famously known for ultrapremium araks, has released two intense and delicious dessert-themed vodka-based liqueurs, Mocha Cappuccino and Hazelnut Cappuccino. SRP $27.95/750ml, $16.60/375ml; NY, NJ. atlanticbottle.com


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