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Publishers’ Page: November 2014 News & Views

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Easy To Get Complacent

Governor Cuomo has unveiled a stepped-up marketing program including a variety of “Taste NY” point of sale pieces (see page 111 for more details). He also helped to recently orchestrate sold-out participation for New York wines and spirits at the NYSLSA Rochester show.

I don’t believe that this is just another fringe effort managed by some distant bureaucrat. I believe he is paying close attention to our response.

A tip off: the last time I spoke with the Governor I came armed with photos we had run of retailer participation in the program. He listened courteously, but when I turned to leave he stopped me, and specifically asked for the copies I had shown him.

We need to show broad industry support. His office has already released a list of pilot cooperating retailers. You want to get on this list. Someday you may want a favor in return… tell me again, how do you spell gross… sorry, grocery store?

William G. Slone

The Chicago suburb of Naperville was once voted by Money magazine “the second best place to live in America.” That’s great notoriety; the town was surely proud. Now consider this item.

According to the local Daily Herald, in response to a fatal crash and a fight on a local street this summer, the Naperville city council has adopted new regulations for on-premise licensees to protect the community. The maximum serving size for non-craft beer will be reduced to 22 ounces. Craft beer may be served up to 24 ounces. “If they just stopped selling the inexpensive big beers, we wouldn’t be having these issues,” one council member is reported as saying.

There’s more: One hour before closing time, bars will not be able to admit new patrons or serve shots. And there must be no “last call.”

To be fair, there was also a requirement for more server training, but I didn’t see any initiatives that address “responsible drinking” on the customers’ part. It’s a reminder how vulnerable we are to political or public overreaction.

Jason A. Glasser
Chief Executive Officer

Gift It up

The holiday season is many things to many people, gift-giving is one thing that seems to connect and motivate us all. We know that ordering and stocking and displaying gift-worthy items every year can be a challenge. Our annual Holiday Gift Guide can help you make decisions for ordering, stocking and displaying eye-catching products.

This year we’ve taken our gift-giving coverage a step further. “Spirited Gifting” is less about the physical package and more about the giver-recipient dynamic as Jack Robertiello discusses specific bottles likely to please specific types of people. We hope this article puts you in the right frame of mind to be able to recommend that perfect bottle that will pay off in happy customers and extra sales in the weeks ahead.

Also in this issue, our wine articles dig into Europe (Austria, France, Portugal, Spain), while here in the states we cover the trend of sommeliers following their calling into the vineyard to make their own wines. Here’s to hoping this holiday season makes 2014 a signature year for your business.

Jody Slone-Spitalnik
Chief Operating Officer


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