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Diageo Launches New Truvée Wines

Posted on  | January 19, 2015   Bookmark and Share
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On December 19th Diageo Chateau & Estates launched Truvée wines with a presentation at Atlantic Wine & Spirits and a full tasting from Andréa and Robin McBride, two sisters who grew up in separate wine countries, but were reunited in 1999 and are now the winemakers for Truvée. The entire Diageo Metro New York sales team participated in a full tasting of the new Sonoma wines.


Matt Johnston, Diageo; Robin McBride, Truvée; Sarah Pittu, Diageo C&E; Andréa McBride, Truvée; Steve Hutchinson, AWS; Laura Hoffman, Diageo C&E; Brian Roy, Diageo and Leslie Vazquez, AWS


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