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Empire Hosts Roust USA Kickoff Party

Posted on  | February 20, 2015   Bookmark and Share
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Broadway Merchants, the newest division of Empire Merchants, hosted a kick-off party for Roust USA as well as the launch of Americano Aperitivo from Gancia on January 23rd. Roust is the second supplier for Broadway Merchants, and introduces to them a portfolio that has five Russian vodkas, including Russian Standard, and two Polish vodkas.

Richard Cardo, Roust; Igor Galburt, Roust; Giulio Bertozzi, Roust; Jen Vallejo, Roust; Lyndsey Geiger, Roust; Jack LaSala, Empire Merchants; Leonid Yangarber, Roust; Jim Schleifer, Roust; and Vincent Muffoletto, Empire Merchants


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