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On Call: Tapping Into Beam’s Sweet Side

Posted on  | March 25, 2015   Bookmark and Share
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Jim Beam Honey is right at home in Whiskey cocktails.


Few bars pour as much whiskey as Manhattan’s American Whiskey. Bartender Joey Vargas offers 150 American whiskies, along with 50 others from around the world, and estimates that whiskey in some form makes up close to 70% of what people drink at this establishment.

Just what role do flavored whiskies have in a hard-core whiskey program like his? “There are some flavors that are far better than others,” Vargas shares. “When it comes to cocktails, I prefer those that offer an authentic flavor and aren’t too sweet.”

For his “Friends With P” creation—inspired by the classic Gold Rush cocktail, a mix of bourbon, lemon and honey—Vargas uses Jim Beam Honey along with Beam’s Rye and gives it a grapefruit twist (“I love the aroma of grapefruit, so I shake the drink with a grapefruit peel”).

“We use honey in a lot of our cocktails here, and using Jim Beam Honey is so much easier than stirring in real honey. In a high-volume account like ours, that is a huge asset,” Vargas explains. Most importantly: “It actually tastes
like honey.”

Jim Beam Honey is a classic shot (in fact, Vargas offers it as part of a beer-and-shot special at Happy Hour, rotating the beer with the seasons), but Halley Kehoe, Senior Brand Manager, Jim Beam, reports seeing a lot of recent interest from bartenders in mixing with it, too: “We’ve seen a lot of excitement around Jim Beam Honey in the basic “plus 1’s” (cola, ginger ale, etc.), and also with citrus (lemon, grapefruit, orange) as well other unique pairings such as hazelnut or amaretto liqueur. The fact that it is infused with real honey, not artificially flavored, really resonates with the mixology community.”


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