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Carl Nolet Jr. Hosts Ketel One ‘Taste Test’ With Atlantic Sales Team

Posted on  | April 22, 2015   Bookmark and Share
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On Friday March 20th Carl Nolet Jr. hosted a Ketel One “Taste Test” at Zuma with the Atlantic Wines & Spirits (a division of Empire Merchants) selling team, key bartenders, customers and Diageo. The success of the brand has traditionally been built on letting bartenders and consumers taste the product and eventually become personal ambassadors for the brand. The event was a great success and the team looks forward to continuing to taste all bartenders and accounts on the quality of Ketel One.

Front: John Mooney, Diageo; John Devin, AWS; Katy Wallace, Ketel One; Carl Nolet Jr., Nolet Spirits; Brandon Long, AWS; Back: Brian Roy, Diageo; Matt Johnson, Diageo; Dave Schrader, AWS; Andres Lopez, AWS; and Tom Maguire, AWS

Emiliano Marasco; AWS; Mike Arleo, AWS and Herman Hochberg, Queens Discount

Carl Nolet Jr. conducting the Ketel One Taste Test


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