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Fedway Holds Spring Tasting at the Borgata Hotel

Posted on  | April 23, 2015   Bookmark and Share
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Fedway Associates held their annual Spring Atlantic City Wine & Spirits Tasting at The Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa on Wednesday, April 15th. Once again, this year’s tasting was an overwhelming success, with over 5,000 industry professionals in attendance.

Fedway’s Frank Panicali (left) and Sean Weinerman (right) with Mark O’Neil, Matt Mitchell, Heather Peterson and Theresa Grimes of Jackson Family Wines


Dan Smith and Jaclyn Methuen, Tito’s Handmade Vodka


Bill Welter and Sean O’Rourke, Journeyman Distillery


Brian Daicy; agency model; Alex Picone, Palm Bay International


Laura Piano, Ally Burkett, Pat Conboy, Ken Baker and Joe Katz, Delegat Wines


Herman Mihalich; John Cooper, Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey


Bill Heiser, Gabe Cardarella and Jennifer Smith, Bacardi


Drew Adleman and Michael Calleja, Devotion Vodka


Brian Daicy, Jamey Bailey, Doug Santoro, Amanda Treacy and Shawn Balzano, Palm Bay International


Robert King, Jersey National/Capital; Christopher King, Federal Wine & Liquor; and Donna Evangelista, Jersey National/Capital


Massimo D’Andre, Dago Suarez, Stacy Winfield, Otis Alexander and Brian Taylor


Artie Kamberogineris; Sami Fallawi; Nick Marucci; Christina Conti; Greg Anagnostis; Alexander Condos, ShopRite


Charlsey Chuplis; Tom Smith; Andy Brown; Mike Emley; Tom Merola; Joe Serdo; Jamie Keohana, Proximo Spirits


Rich Scelfo, Ketan Shah and Lucy Lombardi, Carolina Wine Brands; and Dan DiSabatino, Roger Wilco Sicklerville


Bill Swenarton, Lauber; John Flynn, Groth; Damien Correia, Vintage Point; and Doug Frick, Lauber


Keith Pianka, Keara Funck and Joe Gratkowski, Diageo; and Mike Sangee, Fedway


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