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New York Gets a Taste of Corsica

Posted on  | April 22, 2015   Bookmark and Share
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Wine pros and art buffs rubbed elbows at a new exhibit called “Being” by Wines of Corsica at Openhouse in Soho. Capturing the essence of the island, the vineyards and the Corsican people, photos by New Yorkers Aaron Zebrook and Gabriela Bravo Clavello adorned the space as producers and importers poured a wide range of varietal and blended wines. The island now has 112 vineyards total, one-third of which are run by women.

Not quite the Mediterranean, but as close as NYC got in March: overview of “Being” by Wines of Corsica


Karine Morel, Les Vignerons De L’Ile de Beauté


Franck Malassigné, Les Vignerons Corsicans


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