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Trade Commission of Peru Hosts ’7 Piscos: 14 Cocktails’ in New York

Posted on  | May 27, 2015   Bookmark and Share
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On April 23rd, the Trade Commission of Peru in New York hosted “7 Piscos: 14 Cocktails,” an Earth Day celebration done Peruvian style in homage to Pachamama, the Earth Mother. Each Pisco brand presented two cocktails; participating brands included BarSol, Campo de Encanto, Macchu Pisco, Ocucaje, Pisco Portón, Pisco 100 and Santiago Queirolo. Restaurants included Neat, Pera and Pio Pio.

David Eber, Santa Maria Imports












David Nava, Anchor Distilling; Diego Loret De Mola, BarSol Pisco; and Johel Huaman Barbosa, Vespa










Jared Sasso, Pisco Portón









Jorge Velasco, Pio Pio; and Alejandro Milligan, Amaru Pisco Bar


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