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Treasury Winemakers Tour NY

Posted on  | May 20, 2015   Bookmark and Share
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Five top winemakers join Empire Merchants to taste and educate the New York City trade

Winemakers from Etude, Stags’ Leap Winery, Beringer, Penfolds and Chateau St. Jean—all part of the Treasury Wine Estates portfolio—visited Metro New York on April 16th for a whirlwind tour that included consumer dinners, bottle signings, trade luncheons and distributor meetings to inject the market with a quick but powerful burst of winemaker prowess.

Front: Michelle Waleck, Treasury Wine Estates (TWE); Laurie Hook, Beringer; Christophe Paubert, Stags’ Leap Winery; Back: George Poll and Gillis Poll, Hendrick’s Tavern; and David Drucker, Empire Merchants

The tour kicked off on Thursday afternoon with Margo Van Staaveren, winemaker from Chateau St. Jean, signing bottles and leading a tasting at Varmax Liquor Pantry in Port Chester for a crowd of excited customers and area residents. Later that day, Christophe Paubert, winemaker for Stags’ Leap Winery, held a “Table for Ten” luncheon at Bar Masa for industry tastemakers and sommeliers. Laurie Hook and Jon Priest worked the market, meeting customers like PJ Wine, Beekman Liquors and Winfield Flynn.

The traveling winemakers dispersed for evening festivities. At St. Andrew’s Country Club, Van Staaveren hosted a wine dinner for key trade and distributor personnel. Jon Priest of Etude also led a dinner, at Port Vivo in Huntington with key trade members and distributors. And Christophe Paubert and Hook did a consumer and trade dinner at Hendrick’s Tavern in Roslyn, along with Empire Merchants executives E. Lloyd Sobel and David Drucker.

DLynn Proctor, Penfolds; Laurie Hook; Margo Van Staaveren, Chateau St. Jean; Christophe Paubert; and Jon Priest, Etude

The tour concluded on Friday, April 17th with a training session for the Empire Merchants sales team with the winemakers on hand. The team tasted through new vintages, new, small production projects and had the winemakers in person to deliver the message.

Front: Michael Giulini, TWE; Rob Contino, TWE; Michelle Waleck; Effie Mountrakis, Empire Merchants; and Brian Mack, Empire Merchants. Back: Ron Melillo, TWE; Frank Dellarosa, Empire Merchants; Jay Mackiewicz, TWE; and John Keary, Empire Merchants

“Our luxury strategy has been a core focus, so when the opportunity to connect an entire sales force with over a hundred years of winemaking experience presented itself, we jumped at the chance,” said Jim Casey, Division VP of Sales, Treasury Wine Estates. “Talking about our talented winemaking team is one thing, but live interaction with an engaged, thoughtful audience is extraordinary.”

Sales reps and managers from Treasury Wine Estates and Empire Merchants


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