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Publisher’s Page: August 2015 News & Views

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Common Sense

New Jersey has joined 21 other states to pass legislation banning powdered alcohol. Hopefully Governor Christie, who has entered the presidential race and has shown a lot of common sense on political issues, will apply that kind of thinking to Palcohol and sign off on this bill. 

As part of an industry that has been built with an awareness of the social issues surrounding our products, this form of alcohol breaks all the barriers. Alcohol has a clearly defined system of distribution, and responsibilities at each level.  If you happen to be underage, and are carrying a bottle of whiskey you are in trouble.  If you are carrying powdered alcohol and are approached….you can be sure it will be “gone with the wind.”

More to the point is the Bill Cosby effect. Reportedly, he recently admitted to seducing partners with prescription drugs. Why bother with a traceable prescription? Anyone could now carry around a dose of Palcohol. Their partner will never know.

I know we all have a lot on our plate.  Just need to be aware of developments in the state and lend a voice with your legislators.  If our neighbors in New Jersey can use a little common sense…so should we.

William G. Slone


A Spirited Response

Usually when we open with a reference to an action by the U.S. government, you need to brace yourself for another concern over taxation, greater regulation or negative social issues.  So it is a pleasure for a change, to talk about the respect the government recently paid to our industry.

An exhibition titled “Spirited Republic” brought together, in Washington DC, nearly 100 original items from the National Archives, dealing with alcohol production, distribution, sales, patents, regulation, advertising, social responsibility and Prohibition.

WSWA’s Craig Wolf offered a nice description of this exhibit as “a salute to our industry’s unique role in history, our record of quality, safety, social responsibility and community engagement.”

I have to add a special salute to the nine industry trade associations that came together for a special evening reception, presenting a statement of unified industry support for this exhibition. See page 54.

Jason A. Glasser

Chief Executive Officer

Blending Past & Present

Our cover story—spotlighting the current wave of popular red blends—will not come as a shock to most retailers. These smooth, jammy red wines are exactly what a lot of people look for in a wine.

So it’s no surprise that more and more of these kitchen-sink wines are popping up. In fact, the number of new Red Blends introduced last year was double the number of new Cabernets and Chardonnays combined.

As with all wine and spirits trends, retail merchants are at the frontlines of the Red Blend wave. But as you’ll see starting on page 20, the runaway success of these new-fangled fruit grenades could change how wine drinkers think of blended wines in general. It’s up to re-sellers to make sure some not-so-obvious blends get lost in the “Splendid Blended” sauce.

Wine coverage in this issue also extends to two “old” regions—Bordeaux and Burgundy—with fresh angles for selling strategies. We also have a feature on Mezcal’s attraction for mixologists; and Cocktail Corner takes a look at “occasion” drinks.

Jody Slone-Spitalnik

Chief Operating Officer


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