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Atlantic W&S and Diageo Celebrate New Innovation and Success

Posted on  | September 28, 2015   Bookmark and Share
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On September 4th Atlantic Wines & Spirits’ off-premise wine division celebrated having won the National Diageo Golden Bar award for wines. The division enjoyed a BBQ lunch and tasted the new Diageo wines being introduced this year, including Woodwork Red Blend, Chateau La Paws Merlot and Cabernet; Honeyvine; and Cheese Board Cabernet and Chardonnay.

John Logan, Atlantic Wines & Spirits; Gary Farkash, AWS; Steve Hutchinson, AWS; Vincent Keegan, AWS; Matt Johnson, Diageo; Stewart Eisinberg, AWS; Scott Dein, AWS; Ann Marie Cooleen, AWS; Olivia Wong, AWS; Charles Weinschreider, AWS; Noami Freeman, AWS; Courtney Rodriguez, AWS; Dexter Freeburg, AWS; Cesar Recio, AWS; and Rory Blask, AWS


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