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Cocktail Corner: The Brunch Bunch

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Brunch is naturally appealing, as it leaves food options fairly open: some from column breakfast, some from column lunch. Another reason brunch is so popular with the younger LDA crowd? Cocktails are not only acceptable, they’re encouraged. Brunch has come to be known for some old standards—Bloody Mary, Mimosa, etc.—but fortunately those templates are fairly easy to adapt.

When it comes to the Bloody Mary, the possibilities are truly endless in terms of the strength, spiciness and size (batches can be made). In the Johnsonville recipe below, the focus is on richness, with the addition of black coffee and a meat-and-cheese-heavy garnish. The Absinthe Mary is a departure from the original in strength and character, adding some herbaceous and aromatic notes.


Absinthe Mary

1 – 1½ oz Lucid Absinthe

1 oz Vodka

4 oz Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

4 dashes Worcestershire Sauce

Horseradish, Ground Pepper, Garlic Salt, Celery Salt to taste

Garnish: olive, pepperoncini, lime wedge

In a pint glass, Combine all the ingredients over ice. Shake and serve with an olive, pepperoncini, and a lime wedge.



 Beneath the Snow

By Shinya Yamao, Piora

The flavors of Calvados, maple syrup and Earl Grey tea in this cocktail provide a delicious and seasonal alternative to standard brunch cocktail fare.

1 oz Snow Leopard Vodka

1½ oz Apple Juice

2⁄3 oz Busnel Calvados

2⁄3 oz Earl Grey Tea

2⁄3 oz Maple Syrup

½ oz Hand-Squeezed Lemon Juice

Garnish: 2 Sliced apples

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Pour into a rocks glass. Garnish with two slices of thinly sliced apple.


  Mexican Hot Chocolate

Most brunch cocktails tend to be iced, but a warm and spicy Mexican hot chocolate is a great alternative for a chilly late morning, when a luxurious cocktail is a brunch all on its own.

1½ oz Reposado Tequila

1 oz Galliano Ristretto

½ oz Bols Crème de Cacao Brown

1 pinch Cayenne Pepper

Hot Coffee

Whipped Cream

In a mug, combine the tequila, Galliano, crème de cacao, cayenne and hot coffee. Top with whipped cream and grated cinnamon.


Eye of the Hawk Bloody Mary

Courtesy of Johnsonville Sausage

1 cup Vodka

3 cups Bloody Mary Mix or Tomato Juice

1⁄3 cup Black Coffee or Espresso

¼ cup Corn Syrup

4 tsp Horseradish

4 dashes Tabasco

¼ tsp Cayenne Pepper

2 cups Ice


1 Johnsonville Smoked Polish Sausage, cooked

4 Pickled Mini Ears of Corn

4 Cubes of Blue Cheese

4 Skewers

In a shaker or pitcher, combine the first seven ingredients. Pour into four glasses filled with fresh ice. To assemble the garnish, assemble each of the four skewers with one piece of smoked sausage, one mini corn, and one piece of blue cheese.


  Salute’s Bellini

By Luciano Sautto, Salute

Like a Mimosa, a Bellini works off the fruit + bubbly equation, starting with Prosecco, of course, and using peach purée rather than orange juice. Inspired by the Italian roots of Chef Luciano Sautto of Salute in Las Vegas, this Bellini gets an extra dollup of sweetness from simple syrup, making it a good match for a spicy brunch entrée.

1½ oz White Peach Purée

¼ oz Simple Syrup

3½ oz Prosecco

Garnish: Sliced Peaches

In a mixing tin, combine the white peach puree and the simple syrup. Add ice and lightly shake. Add in the Prosecco, stir gently, and strain into a flute. Garnish with skewered sliced peaches.


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