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November 2015 – The Find

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Jack Daniel’s Salutes a ‘Century’ of Frank Sinatra

The relationship between Frank Sinatra and Jack Daniel’s is legendary. First recommended by friend Jackie Gleason, the Tennessee whiskey quickly became Sinatra’s signature drink. During performances he kept a bottle on a nearby stool on stage; and in 1998, he was buried with a flask of Jack Daniel’s in his pocket.

Jack Daniel’s Distillery has announced their latest collaboration with the Sinatra family—Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century—to celebrate what would be the Chairman of the Board’s 100th birthday. Only 100 barrels of the limited-edition expression are being made available in individually numbered 1L bottles.

The whiskey was made from barrels hand-picked by Master Distiller Jeff Arnett; tasting his custom selections with the Sinatra family, he sought a bold, refined flavor befitting Sinatra’s legacy.

Sinatra Century, at 100 proof, is the second Jack Daniel Distillery’s offering to commemorate Frank Sinatra. The first was Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select (90 proof) introduced in 2013. This one-time, limited release is housed in a luxury gift box that also offers a selection of previously unreleased Sinatra tracks, entitled “Sinatra Live at the Sands in 1966.” SRP: $499.99/1L. jackdaniels.com


Jameson and local Brewer Join Forces for Jameson Caskmates 

It’s nice to see that the unquestioned leader of the Irish Whiskey subcategory is not letting up on the innovation throttle, releasing Jameson Caskmates—the result of a neighborly collaboration between the high-powered distiller and a local Irish micro-brewery.

The concept began in 2013—hatched by Dave Quinn, Master of Whiskey Science at Jameson, and Shane Long, Head Brewer at Franciscan Well—over drinks at a pub. First, Jameson shared some of its proprietary oak whiskey barrels from the Midleton Distillery with the brewery, which created a unique Irish stout aged in Jameson barrels. Returning the gesture, those barrels were sent back to the distillery and refilled with Jameson Original.

As a result of its time spent in the stout-seasoned barrels, the now-bottled whiskey has the triple-distilled smoothness of Jameson, but now with new added notes of coffee, cocoa and hops. Jameson Caskmakes is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks in order to truly appreciate the flavors that the stout-finishing brings. It also makes a perfect accompaniment to stout beer. 80 proof; SRP $29.99. jamesonwhiskey.com/caskmates


Limited Edition Ketel One Celebrates 325 Years of Nolet Family Distilling

To commemorate 325 years—and 11 generations—of the Nolet family’s distillery in Schiedam, Holland, a limited-edition 1L bottle of Ketel One Vodka launches November 1st in the U.S. The bottle is dressed in copper matte plating as a nod to the important role copper pot distillation plays in creating their spirits. Coins decorate the sides of the bottle, representing each of the generations of Nolet family distillers. An ironwork-inspired design represents the real-life ironwork above the main entrance to the distillery, and the Nolet family crest is naturally included. SRP: $32.49/1L. ketelone.com






John Dewar & Sons Announce The Deveron Single Malt 

Macduff Distillery sits near the mouth of Scotland’s River Deveron, just before its cool waters join the briny North Sea. This spot has seen the creation of the Deveron malt whisky for many decades, and now that malt is gaining a global audience, introduced by John Dewar & Sons in three expressions, aged 10, 12 and 18 years, all 80 proof. Emanating from five small copper pot stills and horizontal condensers that gently coax extra character from the spirit, The Deveron is an approachable dram which has a signature tang of coastal air. The 10 Year Old (as of now only available in France) offers toffee, crisp apples and creamy oak. The 12 Year Old (SRP $45) has notes of toasted grain and apples, with seaborne spice, and the 18 Year Old (SRP $110) has deep fruity and nutty notes, perfect for drinking by a fire. thedeveron.com


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