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Wilson Daniels Wholesale Opens in New York with Exclusive Tasting

Posted on  | November 9, 2015   Bookmark and Share
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On the evening of October 5th, Wilson Daniels Wholesale welcomed the city’s top wine directors and retail proprietors to its Flatiron loft space to enjoy the estate offerings from Manhattan’s newest Fine Wine Wholesaler.  In attendance were winemakers, domaine and chateau owners from the United States, Europe and New Zealand, bringing the best of New World and Old World to New York City’s influential wine community. The event was received enthusiastically and has positioned Wilson Daniels Wholesale to make a powerful impact in theNew York and New Jersey Markets.

Jack Daniels, Wilson Daniels Ltd; Shyda Gilmer, Sherry-Lehmann; Gabrielle Palay, Wilson Daniels Wholesale; Rocco Lombardo, Wilson Daniels Ltd; Kris Green, Sherry-Lehmann; and Chris Adams, Sherry-Lehmann











Francois Rebel, Cognac Lheraud; and Sam Galsworthy, Sipsmith Gin











Gabrielle Palay; Benjamin Kirschner, Wilson Daniels Wholesale; Will Harlan, Napa Valley Winemaker; and Anne Burrell, Food Network










Federica Mascheroni Stianti and Nicolo Mascheroni Stianti of Castello di Volpaia











Peter Poulakakos, HPH; Shannon Coursey, Wilson Daniels Ltd; Harry Poulakakos, restaurateur; and Ivan Mitankin, HPH


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