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Last Call: Lightening It Up

Posted on  | December 22, 2015   Bookmark and Share
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When bartenders start getting the call for “skinny” drinks, they know what time of year it is: January, the season of New Year’s Resolutions. To answer the call, bartenders can build drinks around healthful ingredients (think: ginger, tumeric, matcha) or find creative ways to lighten established favorites.

Isaac Grillo, Rum Ambassador for Afrohead Rum and owner of Repour in Miami Beach, morphed the Coquito, a rich, rum-based eggnog drink popular in Puerto Rico, into a much lighter libation by swapping out coconut milk in favor of coconut water, and using egg whites instead of the whole egg. “I want the original flavors and texture of the Coquito to shine, but in a way that lets you enjoy more than just one,” Grillo says.

Trevor Schneider, brand ambassador for Reyka Vodka, suggests keeping cocktails light and fresh by staying away from artificial sugars, and using fresh fruit and detoxifying ingredients, such as cucumbers and lemons. “If your recipe calls for cream,” adds Schneider, “try substituting with nut milks like cashew and almond.”

Jonathan Pogash, the Cocktail Guru, offers a pair of tips. “Flavored seltzer waters add a touch of seasonality without any sugar added,” says Pogash. And when using any sort of sweet alternative, such as honey or maple syrup: “You don’t need a lot. A little goes a long way.” 



By Isaac Grillo, Afrohead Rum


¾ oz Lemon Juice

¾ oz Cinnamon Simple Syrup

1½ oz Coconut Water

1½ oz Afrohead Premium Dark Aged Rum

1 Egg White

Garnish: Grated Nutmeg


Shake all ingredients vigorously with ice to incorporate the egg white. Strain into a coupe and top with grated nutmeg.


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