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Local NJLBA – Now in Season: Training

Posted on  | December 23, 2015   Bookmark and Share
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It is a great time to kick off the New Year by getting all of your employees certified and trained. The NJLBA has a grant from the Department of Labor to conduct free training programs to assist our members to meet state requirements.

Technique of Alcohol Management (TAM):

The course is structured to offer a variety of problem-solving techniques as they relate to businesses selling alcohol for consumption on- and off-licensed premises. A TAM-trained alcohol server is one who has learned to balance the responsible sale of alcohol with the day-to-day service of his/her customers. For participating establishments there is a possible discount on insurance offered by certain companies.

ServSafe Classes:

New Jersey retail food rules (chapter 24, Sanitation in Retail Food Establishments and Food and Beverage Vending Machines) require that if a food establishment is classified as a “Risk type 3” food establishment, there must be at least one certified food protection manager on site, per shift, who is responsible for food safety operations. Through the ServSafe training program, food managers will become knowledgeable of the latest FDA Food Code and New Jersey’s food safety regulations. For those managers that have already taken the ServSafe class but need to be recertified, we also have a ServSafe Recertification class.

New Business/Compliance Training (ABC Bootcamp):

This class will cover a wide range of compliance issues with regard to owning and operating a New Jersey bar, restaurant and tavern. The program is designed to ensure that new business owners are aware of the responsibilities, laws and regulations attached to the sale of beverage alcohol and the operation of a liquor establishment. The course will assist owners in achieving success in the operations of a new business venture. New business owners are not the only members that can benefit from this program. Existing licensees and staff may want to attend this training to brush up on the rules and regulations.

Challenges Facing Today’s Licensees:

This new innovative training program will assist the licensee in a game plan to ensure that an establishment will remain safe and violation free. Some topics to be covered will include the use of promoters, undisclosed interest issues, tax implications and disqualified employee issues. As training dates and locations for all of these programs become available they will be posted on our website at www.njlba.org. If you are interested in taking a class or hosting a class at any time contact the NJLBA office.

Hero Campaign and UBER

We are also pleased to announce our partnership with the HERO Campaign and Uber to provide safe rides homes for thousands of our patrons. Participating NJLBA bars and taverns throughout the Garden State will offer free soft drinks and other benefits to designated drivers who sign up for membership cards with the HERO Campaign and Uber. Uber will provide free rides for up to $20 for first-time riders who sign up through the NJLBA. Uber will bolster their efforts to increase the number of drivers available near bars and taverns at peak late night hours and on weekends for those NJLBA members who participate. To sign up for a HERO/Uber special event or to receive special Uber rates please contact the NJLBA office.

If you are not already an NJLBA member now is the perfect opportunity to JOIN. Please contact the NJLBA at 609- 394-6730 or at 1-800-LBA-0076 or visit our website at njlba.org for a membership application. This is an excellent opportunity to get your training requirements up to date, assist in providing safe rides home for your customers and become an NJLBA member. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. 


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