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Local NJLSA – The Hits Keep Coming

Posted on  | December 23, 2015   Bookmark and Share
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What is the NJLSA Fighting? 

For the last decade, the NJLSA has continually stood up and defended your industry and your livelihood. We have built a solid coalition with our state-based industry partners, who all understand the need for industry solidarity on core issues that threaten the foundation of our threetier system as well as our common sense laws that protect the welfare and public safety of our citizens.

It is clear that the continual threats are from the hands of those who attempt to manipulate public perception via the media while leveraging special interest support with pay-to-play funding to bolster political posturing in our state legislature. These efforts are led by carpetbaggers with self-serving, out-of-state agendas hiding behind the façade of consumer advocacy.

Unless we all do our part, the visible cracks in the foundation of our regulated retail sector will turn into much larger fissures that many licensees will fall into creating a tsunami of small business failures reminiscent of what happened when two home improvement giants, Home Depot & Lowes, decimated New Jersey’s unregulated home improvement sector. We need to look no further than our state’s growing list of COD licensees to know that many of us are dying the death of a thousand cuts.

The biggest threat today is from the one-stop shopping crusade lead by Wegmans & Walmart, who will stop at nothing in their free trade crusade to satisfy their insatiable appetite for market share. Ah, the irony. Look no further than now-bankrupt Jersey-based A&P, the holder of dozens of grandfathered licenses from 1962, which did little to help them in the end.

Our state-based regulated industry represents the last front on a vast “one size fits all battlefield” that has consumed more retail jobs and produced more small business obituaries in the last twenty years than our nation created over the course of the last half century.

It’s Time to Get Connected To Your Industry!

The NJLSA will be expanding the rank and file of our membership in the first half of 2016. If you are a retailer, these dues will be the best investment you can make to protect your business in 2016. If you have been sitting on the sidelines, thinking others are fighting your battles for you: Do not wait until it’s too late, join the NJLSA and get connected to your industry! GO TO OUR WEBSITE, download your membership application and send it in! 


At the time of submitting this “Message from the NJLSA” efforts were under way in the State Assembly to push for an expansion of the two-license limit law. The timing for us could NOT be worse for retailers and wholesalers as all of us are tied to our businesses during this very busy and most important holiday selling season. Needless to say, that is exactly what our opponents are counting on and why they take advantage of what is referred to as “the Lame Duck cover of Christmas.”

On a positive note, the Assembly Speaker has pledged that the NJLSA will have a seat and major input in the negotiation process, which he will oversee between us and the Majority Leader, who has continually carried the water on this issue. The Lame Duck session ends on Friday, January 15th, which means the NJLSA may be putting out a CALL TO ARMS during the first week of the New Year. As of press time, it was too soon to report on the status of our efforts. Please go to NJLSA.com to get an update on this issue!


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