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Tom Bulleit Visits Metro New York

Posted on  | December 22, 2015   Bookmark and Share
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Atlantic Wines & Spirits hosted Bulleit Whiskey founder Tom Bulleit at a number of on- and off-premise events in Metro New York. Customers were given the opportunity to meet Tom Bulleit and learn about the brand.

Brandon Long, Atlantic Wines & Spirits; Steve Herman, Bottle Buys; Tom Bulleit; Mark Herman, Bottles & Cases; and Mitch Herman, Bottle Bargains











Brendan Clinkscales, The Copper Still; and Tom Bulleit









Ashlee Rogers, Rattle and Hum; Zbigniew Szymcyk, Iron Horse; Joe Swanson, AWS; and Conor Gough, Malt House










Angelo Magliaro, Spike McClure, Andres Lopez and Roy Bamberger, AWS; Tom Bulleit; Cari Garcia, Isaac Marten, Antonio Vagnone and John D’Aguanno, AWS











Denise Kolditz, AWS; Tom Bulleit; and Emily Pramer, AWS













Ammy Norgren, Bill Bakers; Anthony Colamussi, AWS; Cari Garcia; Tom Bulleit; Francisco Lopez, Bill Bakers; Monique Johnson, AWS; Avi Gould, Bill Bakers; Rose Norman, Bill Bakers; Jorge Ball, AWS; and Victor Adams, AWS


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