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Lauber Recognizes 2015 Sales Achievements

Posted on  | February 22, 2016   Bookmark and Share
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Lauber Selections held their annual sales awards meeting at the Fedway Associates Basking Ridge office on January 29th. Lauber managers presented awards for Teamwork, Rookie of the Year and Sales Representative of the Year.

Sean Weinerman, Fedway; Gary Bittiger, Teamwork Award recipient; Bill Swenarton, Lauber Selections; Anne Shea, Business Development Award recipient; Rich Levin,
Lauber Selectinos; and John Bengivenni, Lauber Selections











Sean Weinerman; Fritz Reisser, Teamwork Award recipient; Bill Swenarton; Doug Frick, Business Development Award recipient; Roberto Rosenfeld, Lauber Selections;
and John Bengivenni











Sean Weinerman; Denise Palermo, Teamwork Award recipient; Bill Swenarton; Dave Lubbe, Business Development Award recipient; and Keith Bader, Lauber











Rich Levin; Mike Cappadona, Sales Representative of the Year; Bill Swenarton; and John Bengivenni











Sean Weinerman; Bill Swenarton; Joseph Alfano, Rookie of the Year Award recipient; and Keith Bader


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