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Cîroc Apple Presents “Changing the Game”

Posted on  | March 21, 2016   Bookmark and Share
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In celebration of Black History Month, 98.7 ESPN presented “Changing the Game” sponsored by Cîroc Apple at The Cecil in Harlem, including a dinner and panel discussion hosted by ESPN’s John Saunders. The panel included Clyde Frazier, Stephen A. Smith, Richard Parsons, Steve Mills and Michelle Roberts. Guests were able to enjoy specialty Cîroc Apple cocktails throughout the night.

Mark Bennett, BB King; Marty Tennant, Atlantic Wines & Spirits; Clyde Frazier, former NBA player; Maria Solis, Corner Social; and Rafael Benavides, Corner Social

Steven A. Smith, ESPN











John Saunders, ESPN; Clyde Frazier; Richard Parsons, former CEO, LA Clippers; Steve Mills, GM for NY Knicks, Michelle Roberts, NBPA; and Steven A. Smith


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