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Ketel One Hosts Bowling Tournament with Carl Nolet Jr.

Posted on  | March 21, 2016   Bookmark and Share
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Ketel One Vodka hosted their first ever bowling tournament at Lucky Strike, featuring special guest Carl Nolet Jr., 11th generation of the Nolet family that founded Ketel One. Customers from on- and off-premise accounts were invited to meet Carl Nolet Jr. and learn about the family distilling legacy that dates back 325 years. Guests enjoyed cocktails with Ketel One Vodka and a day of bowling.

Carl Nolet Jr., Nolet Spirits

Cari Garcia, Atlantic Wines & Spirits; Antoinette Basso, Diageo; Cat Capece, Ketel One; Jean Hauptman, Diageo; Joe Lehane, Diageo; Carl Nolet Jr.; Fedele Miranda, AWS; Matt Johnson, Diageo; Andres Lopez, AWS; Brandon Long, AWS; Tom Notaro, AWS; and Isaac Marten, AWS










Tommy Rodriguez, Diageo Activation Army; Antoinette Basso; Liza Slosek, Diageo Activation Army; Ted Rinehart, Diageo Activation Army; and Alaina Habib, Diageo Activation Army



Chris Dolan, AWS; Emiliano Marasco, AWS; Norman Bent, Financial District W&L; Ricky Hunt, AWS; Isak Levy, G&I Wines & Spirits; and Andrew Licata, Activation Army










The Split cocktail: Ketel One Citroen mixed with signature Bloody Mary mix


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