For subscribers to the market pricing data, Beverage Media Group, Inc. makes available our software tool, eOrders, which allows the retailer to build and place orders electronically over the Internet. eOrders runs on the store’s computer and reads sales histories directly from the store’s point-of-sale systems (POS). It provides the retailer with a suggested wholesale order. This information is delivered to the wholesaler without sensitive information leaving your building.

Depending on the POS, a completed purchase order can be exported from eOrders into your inventory system for receiving goods. This helps eliminate a common source of data entry errors.

With eOrders, you will…

  • Use easy functions, letting you order products that you need automatically.
  • Save time, by not having to manually enter purchase orders.
  • Have less out of stocks, without overstocking.
  • Maintain a safe base level of inventory.
For a step-by-step introduction to eOrders, download the eOrders Introduction in .pdf format
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