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Pricing Software

Beverage Media Group, Inc. provides beverage alcohol wholesalers around the country with the most up-to-date software and publishing services.  The company’s proprietary software, known as ETS (Electronic Tear Sheets), is in use by over 200 wholesalers.  The software relies on the concept of either downloading pricing information from the wholesaler’s mainframe or uploading those prices from ETS to the mainframe.  ETS then easily converts files to assist in the production of retailer price books, with applicable discount pages or retailer incentive programs.

ETS eliminates the need for double and triple entering and proofing of prices.  It improves the accuracy of price data and reduces printing costs by fitting more data onto the printed page.  ETS enables wholesalers to show SKU’s in multiple sections of the price book, as well as annotating it with text, label shots and ratings.  The software can also help produce separate files for selling divisions from one master file.  It can even produce state filing reports and generate price worksheets.

Printing Services

There are numerous options available for wholesalers beyond listing brands and pricing in the statewide market publication.  Beverage Media Group can also help to produce sales and price books for licensees at every price and quantity level.  State-of-the-art technology and equipment help provide the most personalized service and superior quality color or black & white printing.  Please call our office at 212-571-3232 to find out how we can further help you.

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