Beverage Media
January 2013
overnor Cuomo’s Wine,
Beer and Spirits Summit
in October put the lie to
the notion that Albany is
no place for progress. A packed room
of producers, farmers, SLA representa-
tives, tourism experts and other busi-
ness leaders gathered, with the collec-
tive goal of better promotion of New
York State tourism and marketing of
New York-produced beverages.
It is accurate to say that the Gover-
nor listened, heard and acted. Following
a break, the Governor announced plans
for a new marketing campaign as well
as a series of regulatory reforms. Among
the highlights:
Promotion and Tourism
The state will provide $1 million
dollars for a new advertising cam-
paign to promote the industry; an
additional $2 million—based on an
industry match—means a potential
total of $5 million.
A working group led by Secretary
to the Governor Larry Schwartz
will coordinate annual market-
ing events—similar to Restaurant
Week and trade shows—that part-
ner restaurants and hotels across
the state with producers of New
York wine, beer, spirits and food.
The state will aggressively work
to find new ways to promote New
York State-produced beer, wine,
spirits and cider at the annual
State Fair.
The state will look into ways to en-
sure that alcoholic beverages sold
at New York Racing Association
tracks are produced in New York.
Regulatory Reforms
Ending prohibition against multiple
manufacturing licenses at the same
Allowing craft manufacturers to sell bot-
tles when they are conducting tastings
Allowing beer and cider producers to
obtain temporary permits to sell at
special events/street fairs
Reducing fee for manufacturers’ mar-
keting permits
Eliminating Duplicative License for
Distilleries and Breweries
And in yet another positive sign that
sets the stage for future progress, the Gov-
ernor proposed creation of a single point of
government contact—a one-stop shop—
with representatives from the agencies
that regulate manufacturers and licensees.
Action Upstate
Governor’s Summit
& NYLSA Roundtable
Create Positive Direction
By cara mcilwaine and keven danow
The Governor’s Summit drew a packed house of leaders in the inter-connected state industries
of wine, beer, spirits, tourism, restaurants and agriculture.
Darrel Aubertine, Commissioner, NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets; Larry Schwartz,
Secretary to Governor; Governor Andrew Cuomo; Lt. Governor Robert Duffy; and Ken
Adams, President & CEO and Commissioner NYS Department of Economic Development
John Martini, Anthony Road Wine Company; Jim Trezise, NYS Wine
& Grape Foundation; Nick Matt, The Matt Brewing Company; Joseph
Martens, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation; Dennis
Rosen, SLA; and William Magee, NYS Assemblyman
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