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Why Full Exposure is Good
By ian griffith
s Beverage Media’s online view
of the New York drinks market—
it has attracted the attention of trade
members in other parts of the country.
The initial reaction is excitement about
the product browsing and eCommerce.
However, as to the prospect of something
similar happening in their home mar-
ket, a common reaction is: “Why would
you want to show all the products in
our market?”
It may be that New York is uniquely
suited to encourage a more open view
of the marketplace, but I hope not. Yes,
the city is home to a unique collection
of importers, merchants, writers and
sommeliers that have helped shape
the conversation about wine; but that
conversation has been happening
throughout the country.
Our taste for new wine styles has
followed restaurants trends that intro-
duced us to regional and exotic cui-
sines. It wasn’t so long ago that sushi
and chicken tikka masala were adven-
turous; now we see them in the super-
market. Meanwhile, wine lists have
progressed, now including wine from
all corners of the world.
thismarket shift.While theabundanceof
new wineries on the West Coast reacted
to limited access to distribution by push-
ing direct-to-consumer sales, word from
wineries is that access to a distributor is
becoming easier.
While every distributor wants to
win your business, it is the largest dis-
tributors with extensive portfolios and
armies of sales reps who are most con-
cerned that a competitor’s sale is a lost
opportunity. Why would they want to
share the stage with the smaller dis-
tributors? The answer is because their
customer, the wine buyer, wants to be
able to find any product that’s avail-
able in that market.
This challenge is not unique to our
industry. Most towns have an auto strip
where competing car dealers sit side by
side; it saves consumers from traveling
across town to see more cars. Malls
are popular because consumers can go
to a number of stores in a single visit.
Indeed, academic research has demon-
strated when competing companies are
located together, they all increase their
chances of getting a sale.
The wine market has changed in
the past 25 years. You rarely see the old-
fashioned wine list printed by an exclu-
sive distributor. What makes a restaurant
stand out now includes enthusiasm about
wine that matches their food. Retailers
can’t all sell the same brands and expect
to compete on price. The most presti-
gious (and savvy) restaurants and retail-
ers are turning over every rock to find the
most interesting selections and best value.
Ultimately it is the buyer who decides
whether a product fits their beverage pro-
gram. Sales reps still play an important
role, but if the buyer wants to be able to
view products from all vendors in one lo-
cation, then it makes sense to support this.
The New York trade has adopted this
approach and distributors in other parts
of the country are starting to confront
this shift.
To comment on this column or to learn more about
how Beverage Media can help with a website for your
store, visit, or contact Ian Griffith at 617-
864-1677. Follow us on twitter at
The most prestigious
restaurants and
retailers are turning
over every rock
to find the most
interesting selections
and best value.
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