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January 2013
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Photograph by Thomas Mangieri
Thinking Outside the Box in 2013
As we come out of the holiday rush, this is a natural time to
take a deep breath and start planning for the coming year. As
you work on ideas to assure the continued health of your op-
eration, a reminder. There are a variety of factors outside of
your direct control that can significantly affect your business
in 2013, such as taxes and government regulations.
This is where the critical role of the associations come
into play. If issues such as these are not addressed through the
associations, then no matter how hard you may work at your
job, your business will suffer. This is why every licensee needs
to participate and help build the strength of their local asso-
ciations. Don’t think you can “leave it to the other guys.”
Speaking of “thinking outside the box.” New technolo-
gies can provide some outstanding assistance for your business,
provided you are willing to review your current routines and
possibly step outside present comfort levels. I’ve been focused
on communicating in print for decades, so it took me time
to fully appreciate the impact on your business of initiatives
like The Cellar and our Retailer-to-Consumer websites. Add
to your resolutions for 2013: greater attention to these tools. I
promise you won’t be disappointed.
Jody Slone-Spitalnik
Chief Operating Officer
William G. Slone
Craft Takes Center Stage
In our cover story, “Small Gets Bigger”, on page 12, we cover
how the craft distilling movement in America is accelerating—
and what it means to your business. The success of brands like
Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Bulleit and the novelty of many
micro labels demonstrate the selling power of craft.
Coming out of a busy holiday season, “Upselling” is all about
the art of on-premise sales (page 18). Use it as a tool to keep
momentum in the months ahead. And remember all year long
there are great ways to engage consumers with promotions, dis-
plays and more.
I’m also excited about our new column in 2013: “Somm Sez.”
Here we take a look at noteworthy restaurant wine programs. We
are proud to kick off this column in January with Hristo Zisovski
of Ai Fiori. Check out also this month, the Irish Whiskey cat-
egory management supplement, where Jameson is leading the
dramatic growth.
Cheers to a great start to 2013!
Sticking to Your Principals
I recently came away from a government hearing impressed.
The Beer, Wine and Spirit Summit (described more fully on
page 38) was not just an open airing of ideas. Governor Cuo-
mo and Chairman Rosen actually brought to the table specific
changes in regulations designed to make it easier to do busi-
ness in the state, and showing a commitment to supporting the
marketing of our products.
But my enthusiasm over this positive meeting was short lived
when just a few days later
The Post
revealed that a New York State
Health Planning Council released a new 5-year “Health Improve-
ment” Plan consisting of heavy doses of beverage alcohol taxes
and other initiatives to suppress consumption. I won’t go into de-
tail. We’ve heard it all before, too many times.
Thankfully, since 2010, Governor Cuomo has proven to be
an ally to our industry. He rejected that aforementioned report,
and while it may have held some broad appeal, it was certainly
not consistent with the position he had taken to support the
responsible development of New York’s Beer, Wine and Spirits
business. We just hope this kind of thinking lasts.
Jason A. Glasser
Chief executive officer
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